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Felix Ave. Austin TX 78741 (512) 385-3591 studio@coronadostudio.comhttp: //

Created in 1991 by Sam Coronado, Coronado Studio and The Series Project focus on silkscreen printing.

More information is available at or contact the studio via emal.

Los Angeles CA

Group members include Kay Brown, Judith Durán, Antonio Escalante, Emelda Gutierrez, Chie Izuma, Sojin Kim, José Lozano, Poli Marichal, Don Newton, Marianne Sadowski, Victor Rosas.

Please contact Poli Marichal via email for more

Out of that was a good experience, plausible for all who are behind the All My Friends, valuable and necessary. We arrived early to Rosarito to have breakfast in the estancia, not the best, but the only one we know.


Catherine E. Chavez Avenue Los Angeles CA 90063 (323) 881-6444 info@selfhelpgraphics.comhttp: //

SHG is a nationally recognized center for Latino arts that develops and nurtures artists in printmaking. SHG seeks to advance Latino art broadly through programming, exhibitions and outreach to diverse audiences in East Los Angeles and beyond. SHG seeks to identify and engage young and emerging artists from the community in all aspects of their activities.

Please contact Master Printer, Jose Alpuche by phone for more information on printing.