The song that begat "Baby Driver", a quasi-musical on wheels

The song that begat

The song that begat "Baby Driver", a quasi-musical on wheels

Yes, we totally made that up, but this action movie isn't about returning home to meet the end of a flying slipper. Like preeminent drag queen RuPaul addressing his contestants on "RuPaul's Drag Race", Wright told Elgort to choose a song for the junkyard cue and metaphorically lip-synch for his life-and, arguably, for the role of his 23-year lifetime.

Oh, and then there's the little detail of how incredible the film's soundtrack is; that is, how amazingly it's integrated into Baby Driver's action.

Baby Driver is inspired from the makers of "I'll be home in two minutes, mom".

Everyone in Elgort's accomplished family has a high-profile arts career - his father, for example, is famed fashion photographer Arthur Elgort - so celebrity is familiar, apparently neither carrot nor stick. About 10 years ago the director drove from NY to L.A., and the experience had an impact on the film.

He also stands out in a place like Hollywood because he's really tall. Wright takes the "no honour among thieves" credo to its logical, lethal, and fatal extremes, and whenever Baby Driver needs to take a turn for the serious, no amount of fun, investment, or tension is lost because the characters are constantly moving and evolving throughout. Doc also sees Baby as his lucky charm, making him the only member of his syndicate to act as a common player in all of his heists. I did four or five stunts. Impressed with Baby's audacity and skill, Doc forces him to drive getaway cars to pay off the debt. I really hope so. And I did the one where I drift around the twins when I steal their vehicle, so - anything that started slowly and had only me in the auto. Spencer, who also wrote a song for "Hot Fuzz", even makes a cameo late in the film. So they didn't have to worry about Lily being there. "I do both acting and music because I love them both".

"Yeah I love playing the villain".

"Yeah, well, at first we just talked about music in general. I'd think, 'This would be the ideal vehicle chase song in a movie, but what's the movie?'" "They gave it to me for my birthday". "It's sexy. You go in there and everyone's like, 'How did you do it?'"

"I wanted to do Broadway very badly".

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"I loved Gino's for dinner".

"In this case I have to say it was combined perfectly". The film was finally brought to the screen by Yes Man director Peyton Reed; like David Cronenberg's Total Recall or Guillermo del Toro's The Hobbit, Wright's Ant-Man became one of cinema's what-might-have-beens.

"Yes, and through dance". "The fact that 22 years later it exists in the film and "Bellbottoms" is the first track, it's dream stuff for me".

This is a film which just oozes cool. "These guys are as passionate about vehicle stunts as Edgar is about directing, or as we are about acting". The hook is a classic pop culture ditty: "every time I try to get out, they pull me back in". I think that's where the passion for musical theatre comes from. "I really enjoyed that part". And I'm gonna be performing! Now I'm working on a lot of music, and an album and I'm signed to Island Records. How do you feel about being perceived as a heartthrob? To better understand Baby's world, Wright immerses the viewer in the character's perspective. Foxx is particularly strong, as he keeps Bats just on the fine line between sanity and insanity.

You're a musician as well as an actor. Plus, it has a ton of heart and one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard.

"I think it might be your favourite film you've seen in a while..." I remember meeting Eddie Redmayne when I was 16. I thought the guy was so nice. "['Baby Driver"] is definitely different than "Fault in Our Stars" or "Divergent, ' but it's not like we made a conscious decision [to avoid that]", he says. "There's nothing wrong with embracing your fans and hopefully I'll continue to do that my entire career".

Baby Driver drives into USA theaters on June 28.