Judge considering national freeze on Iraqi deportations

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The ACLU and detainees argue that if the Iraqis were forced to return to Iraq, they would face "persecution, torture, or death". Then he was detained on June 11. The Christian leaders called on the Trump administration to "exercise the discretion available under law to defer the deportation of Chaldeans who pose no threat to USA public safety to Iraq until such time as the situation in Iraq stabilizes and its government proves willing and capable of protecting the rights of religious minorities". But now the ACLU wants that expanded nationwide, where some 1,400 Iraqis have final orders of removal.

Following the June 11 arrests in MI, a lawsuit was filed against ICE by immigration and civil rights advocates who are hoping to block the deportation efforts.

The Iraqi national deportation effort is the result of a March agreement with the Iraqi government in which the war-torn Middle Eastern nation agreed to take back Iraqi nationals subject to removal from the US, according to Walls.

The ACLU argued that many of those affected in MI are Chaldean Catholics who are "widely recognised as targets of brutal persecution in Iraq".

On Thursday, Goldsmith issued the stay while he determines which court has the "subject-matter jurisdiction". It will uphold Trump's ban; it will refuse to hear the case, or the justices will say they will hear the case in the fall when the court reconvenes.

"Irreparable harm is made out by the significant chance of loss of life and lesser forms of persecution that Petitioners have substantiated", Goldsmith wrote in a six-page opinion. "The public interest is also better served by an orderly court process that assures that petitioners' invocation of federal court relief is considered before the removal process continues". He did not specify when. He didn't say how quickly, but it's likely to be very soon considering some Iraqis around the country might be deported any day. "When your life is on the line, each day is a victory".

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"Although most were ordered removed to Iraq years ago (some for overstaying visas, others based on criminal convictions for which they long ago completed any sentences), the government released them, often under orders of supervision", the ACLU said in its amended complaint.

Almost 200 had been detained nationally at that time.

The US government has argued that the district court does not have jurisdiction over the case.

The decision came in response to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, which celebrated the ruling as a "life-saving action".

Some of those arrested in recent weeks had criminal convictions for crimes including assault, rape, murder, burglary, drug trafficking, and other offenses.

"It would be "unconstitutional and unconscionable" to deport the migrants without giving them an opportunity to demonstrate the harm that awaits them in Iraq", the ACLU said.