Dear Daniel Brigido, only you can understand it, this miserable epidemic of decadence that infest the world around me excites me as a boy child the night before Christmas. We have learned nothing of the cyclical devastation repeated over and over again throughout history, I adore that licentious stupidity and self-loathing that has the human race, some imbeciles that I know have begun to be afraid and are not able to realize that they have been accomplices to live in the comfort of this Russian roulette called democracy by putting bullets in ballot boxes, I have seen gangrene and scrotal abscesses cleaner than mouths of many politicians socarrones, I love that my lapos flood that electoral idiocy.

You know better than anyone that I am a sadist with a good smile and a good taste for beauty, the marks on my skin can testify to it, that is why these days where everything is going to fucking shit is when I better pass it, I remember when we were enjoying high school studying the seminal decadence of the demented old Napoleon, the fall of the Roman empire, or all those incestuous dictators with a tendency toward nocturnal autopolutions, these incontinent little beasts still lead countries to troche and moche, I remember when we blasphemed together about decadent Paris or Rome and we jubilated hanging the medal of having lived and contributed to the decadence of Barcelona, ​​but this fresh wind of lascivious monk shit disguised as jarana has ended in producing tears of arcades, I have already bought with sullen resignation the tickets to see the end of all this in the royal box, that will be our last trench.

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In September, Giorgio Armani will unveil a new film directed by Matthew Frost, with Cate Blanchett, for a limited edition of Yes. Pour revenir à la campagne publicitaire, vous avez une travaillé avec Tom Munro ?? L'adore d'une manière qui transcende les mots.

If they knew that I have in the pantry a collection of poisons extracted from the deadliest animals and plants on the planet ... that is to have power and not those wormy pustules called borders.