Trump lawyer defends his use of social media

Anthony Watson of the Lions runs with the ball during the Test match between the All Blacks and the Lions at Eden Park

Anthony Watson of the Lions runs with the ball during the Test match between the All Blacks and the Lions at Eden Park

"This is a president that has utilized social media, that has revolutionized the whole concept of electioneering when it comes to the use of social media".

But the sense of chaos around the White House is deepening.

Hours earlier, Trump posted his usual volley of pre-dawn tweets calling the investigation a "witch hunt". So technically, Trump is correct: The man who wrote the memo endorsing Comey's removal has authorized an investigation that is reportedly probing whether that removal somehow constituted a felony. If there is an investigation of the circumstances of Comey's firing, and the Deputy Attorney General (who is serving as Acting AG for the investigation due to Jeff Sessions' recusal) was instrumental in the firing, that sure looks like a conflict, Turley says.

James Quarles, an assistant special prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, donated more than 10 times to Democratic PAC's over the last 30 years, for presidential candidates Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

The scorched-earth approach may have grave political consequences.

Clearly, Trump is exasperated over what he sees as much ado about nothing.

This message is similar to a tweet President Trump made last Thursday.

At best, it could further complicate Trump's efforts to pass a meaningful legislative agenda and ultimately his hopes of a successful presidency. "In fact, to the contrary", Sekulow said on CBS's Face the Nation.

"We've received no notice of investigation. And I think the answer is they want to lay the foundation to discredit whatever Bob Mueller comes up with". "And he's expressing himself in that way".

What has Trump himself said?

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"Trump has a compulsion to counterattack and is very pugnacious", Gingrich said on ABC's This Week.

Mueller is leading the federal investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, while the House Intelligence Committee and several other panels are conducting their own probes into Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

Comey has gone on record saying that the reason for his dismissal was his refusal to accede to the President's request for him to drop the Russian Federation investigation.

A longtime legal expert who recently joined Trump's team, Sekulow appeared on several politics shows, among them Meet the Press, Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday, to defend the president after Trump tweeted that he was "being investigated for firing the Federal Bureau of Investigation director by the man who told me to fire the Federal Bureau of Investigation director". Asked about the possibility that an investigation has developed and the president just doesn't know, Sekulow says, "I can't read people's minds".

"It was 141 characters. I know you have good ratings, but it reaches a lot of people". During his exchange with anchor Chris Wallace, Jay Sekulow twice complained about Trump being under investigation, then clarified that expressing frustration about Trump being under investigation does not amount to a concession that the president actually is being investigated.although he might be. "That'll be a question for the special counsel".

While Pence hasn't been implicated in any potential wrongdoing, he is tied to the Mueller investigation in two main ways.

Investigators have also sought information from recently retired NSA Deputy Richard Ledgett, according to the source. Meanwhile, it is no secret that there are both Senate and House committees that are investigating the President.

As evidence, Sekulow said that Trump has not been notified of any investigation.

Not so, the White House shot back, as did one of Trump's attorneys on Fox News Sunday.