La Almunya del Sur - Andalusian botanical garden

La Almunya del Sur - Andalusian botanical garden

La Almunya del Sur - Andalusian botanical garden

January is the beginning of the year, the beginning of new and interesting challenges; January is the winter that gives freshness and keeps the garden in a permanent state of beauty. Every day the garden shows us something different, now the leaves of deciduous trees that were green. Then yellow and some red lay on the floor leaving a multicolored tapestry. The rays of the sun play between the branches of the trees and reach all corners of the garden providing light, now if so longed for by countless plants that now take over. Daffodils, hyacinths, dafnes, cyclamenes, thoughts, aloes, crásulas, etc. They give us their unmistakable smells and colors. Have you ever had a chance to smell a daffodil, a hyacinth or a dafne? You must not lose it. At last the winter slows the unstoppable growth of plants and gives a truce. We can not neglect and we have to go through hairdressing to the trees and shrubs, we have to retouch them, give them their space and correct their growth. The pruning becomes crushed to the ground in the form of a cushion and once decomposed by insects, worms and different microorganisms, it becomes organic matter that can be absorbed again by the plants. Larger branches that can not be crushed will serve to light the wood oven in the cool afternoons and cook delicious delicacies. The ashes will return again to the earth and once again a cycle is closed in this garden. Which reminds me at this moment, while I warm up in the fire, how blessed I am to enjoy so much beauty 365 days a year, because this was one of the basic premises to develop this garden, which was always beautiful and That every season, day, and instant was special. And of course, being able to share it with everyone.

From left. The drcha. Hedera canariensis variegata. Crassula ovata and Senecio petasite

Pear tree with leaves about to fall,

There are different species: the sunsun of Cuba does not reach 5 centimeters in length and is the smallest bird known. I want to count until I'm out of breath I want to anoint myself with magic and get drunk on dreams ...

Rose bushes on moss.

Set of Viola tricolor (thoughts) and Bellis perennis (in the background red flowers)

Aeoniun arboreun variegata.

Decoration centerpiece.

Beautiful print of the Japanese garden.