Man tries to drive vehicle into crowd at French mosque

Man tries to drive vehicle into crowd at French mosque

Man tries to drive vehicle into crowd at French mosque

An anti-terrorism investigation has been launched in Paris after a man attempted to drive a vehicle into a crowd outside a Paris mosque, before being blocked by heroic drivers.

No one was injured and the suspect, who drove his 4x4 into a crowd, was apprehended.

"The suspect was driving a 4×4 vehicle and reportedly repeatedly struck the blocks and gates protecting the mosque", Xinhua news agency quoted the police as saying.

France's Le Parisien newspaper said the suspect showed no signs of being drunk or on drugs. Paris police prefect Michel Delpuech said he was "doing everything clarify the motives of the driver and determine if he is criminally responsible".

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In an attack on April 20, a gunman killed police officer Xavier Jugele on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, and wounded two others before being shot dead.

Paris is on a state of high alert following a series of atrocities, including co-ordinated attacks in November 2015 which killed 130 people. The attacker, 47-year-old Darren Osborn, has been charged with terrorism-related murder and attempted murder.

According to judicial authorities, he was not under the influence of alcohol. The man has been arrested and the investigation is under Police.