Sharks, Other Clubs Await Marleau Decision

Sharks, Other Clubs Await Marleau Decision

Sharks, Other Clubs Await Marleau Decision

Patrick Marleau is taking his talents to the city of Toronto.

Marleau, 37, joins the Maple Leafs after 19 seasons with the San Jose Sharks. It's highly likely that Marleau is weighing whether to take a better deal somewhere else and uproot his family (or commute back and forth to the Bay Area), or stay with San Jose on a lesser deal.

On a related note, I don't expect the Sharks will announce the one-year contract for Joe Thornton until Marleau's decision becomes public.

Sports California reported the center, who turns 38 Sunday, has agreed to a one-year deal.

Per TSN's Darren Dreger, the Sharks have extended Marleau a two-year contract offer, one that Marleau and his family are now mulling over.

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At this point, Thornton's scoring ability has gone down a bit; he finished his 2016-17 season with just seven goals, falling below the 10-goal mark for the first time in a full NHL season since his 1997-98 season (as a rookie in the league).

There is genuine uncertainty regarding Marleau from everyone I've talked to.

The Sharks may also be operating on the idea that if Marleau sticks, so too will Joe Thornton.

Thornton had surgery to fix his knee in late April, and his expected recovery time means he's unlikely to return to the ice until around the start of next season.