Why My Dog ... Dance To Make Popo?

Why My Dog ... Dance To Make Popo?

Why My Dog ... Dance To Make Popo?

For many creatures, dance is a form of ritual. The Prairie Chickens attract their partner by performing an elaborate courtship dance. Bees alert other bees to nectar with a unique collection.

As for dogs, well, they have poop dance.

Not all canines can perform the bailecito, but for those who do, steps are immediately recognizable: They spin in circles, then jump from one hind leg to the other, until they finally get to do the work.

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What reason can there be for this curious ritual? In reality, no one knows for sure.

One explanation is that walking and doing physical exercise helps the digestive tract to move. Since dogs often use urine and feces to communicate with other animals, once they find a privileged place for marking, they may need to dance a little to motivate the bowels to action. Canines also have odor glands on their legs, so the ornate leg play may be another way of marking the surrounding terrain.

Another line of thought: Poop dance is an inherited behavior of wild canine ancestors. Spinning in circles may have enabled the first dogs to take a look at the horizon and sniff out predators as well as flatten the tall grass.