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ONG Pajaros Caidos

ONG Pajaros Caidos

According to statistics and figures, women own 60% of tattoos against 40% in men, and this leads to bird tattoos or tattoos of birds , are repeated much more than any other category of tattoos.

Why are tattoos of birds so fashionable? The bird itself represents the freedom of mind and spirit and many people see them as a success of good as opposed to evil.

Agilas tattoos are very common among men, it is usually an indicator of power and strength. We can also find it as a synonym for patriotism. In contrast, pigeon tattoos are more common to see in women, it is a sign of affection and freedom for many people. The Ave Fenix ​​tattoos, many people like to have it, both women and men. It is an excellent bird of legend, which involves resurgence and resurrection.

Bird tattoos for women are the best option, as it is said that most women who get tattoos, It is because a great change was made in their life, either a separation, they won to some illness, university graduation, to go to live to another country, etc.

Tattoos of birds for women Bird tattoo design for women

ONG Pajaros Caidos
ONG Pajaros Caidos @pajaros_caidos

Tattoos of birds flying

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Tattoos of birds with phrases

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