Hawaii among 19 states suing DeVos for delaying for-profit college rules

Hawaii among 19 states suing DeVos for delaying for-profit college rules

Hawaii among 19 states suing DeVos for delaying for-profit college rules

"Her decision to cancel vital protections for students and taxpayers is a betrayal of her office's responsibility and a violation of federal law".

The students both attended the New England Institute of Art in Brookline, Mass., a for-profit school that stopped enrolling new students in 2015.

In enacting the borrower defense rule previous year, the Obama administration reviewed over 10,000 comments from students, school officials and consumer advocates, and gave schools more than six months to prepare for the implementation.

In May, Secretary DeVos announced the Department was reevaluating the Borrower Defense Rule. The Education Department also announced its intent to issue a new rule to replace the borrower defense rule. Neither Secretary DeVos, nor anyone from the Department of Education, responded to the letter.

The now-defunct Corinthian Colleges was ordered to pay $1.1 billion in March 2016 for misleading students and breaking the law with its advertising practices.

You might remember Betsy DeVos from such embarrassments as "not knowing the difference between educational metrics, "a consistent and freakish desire to make paying back college loans more difficult", and of course her super reasonable "hey, maybe we're being too hard on shady for-profit colleges" position".

The case was filed in the Federal District Court of D.C.

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"Since Day One of the Trump administration, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and the administration have sided with for-profit schools over students", Healey told reporters.

Elisabeth Dee DeVos is an American businesswoman, politician, and activist who is the 11th and current United States Secretary of Education.

More than one-third of U.S. states on Thursday sued the U.S. Education Department and its Secretary, Betsy DeVos, over recent decision to suspend rules meant to speedily cancel student-loan debt of people defrauded by for-profit Corinthian Colleges Inc and others.

"These rules served as critical protections against predatory for-profit schools that exploit hard-working students _ students who are simply trying to invest in their own education and future", said New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who also was among those filing the suit. Elizabeth Hill, a spokeswoman for the Education Department, said the suit brought by the attorneys general was "ideologically driven". They would also ban mandatory arbitration agreements, which have prevented many aggrieved students from suing schools that they believe have defrauded them. She called the rules "a muddled process that's unfair to students and schools". Because students telecommute, they can struggle to recoup financial outlays in another state if the for-profit school fails to live up to its promises, making federal regulation necessary, the states argued. Under the Borrower Defense Rule, former students of those schools who did not take out subsequent federal student loans qualify for automatic closed school discharge of their loans.

DeVos said in May that she was revisiting the borrower defense rule with the possibility of rewriting it.

Hundreds of for-profit schools have been accused in the past several years of fraud, resulting in the collapse of most.