Vista de la casa en verano con la luna y el Monte Cancana de fondo

Vista de la casa en verano con la luna y el Monte Cancana de fondo

Bartlett & amp; Company is a diverse agribusiness company headquartered in Kansas City Missouri. Bartlett has more than 100 years of history and is classified in FORBES magazine as one of the largest private companies in the United States. Its main activities are the marketing and storage of basic grains, export, flour manufacturing, feed and livestock fattening. Bartlett is a family business focused on growth; The company has facilities in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, North Carolina and South, Texas, Virginia, and Mexico.

With a strong financial position and a high level of discipline, we use our Experience to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Bartlett Grain Company - Grains Division and related products Bartlett Grain Company operates mainly in the US And Mexico. As grain marketers with more than a hundred years of experience, we believe that both the producer and the processor are valuable customers to us.

Bartlett Grain Company markets wheat (red durum wheat, soft red wheat (Yellow corn, sorghum, dry distillery grain), soybeans and grains for human consumption (yellow maize, white maize, high fructose maize, maize In addition to the marketing and storage of grains, Bartlett Grain Company also provides fertilizers, chemicals, seeds and makes application services for our growers. We also provide marketing and logistics counseling for ethanol producers and dry grain distillers.

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Bartlett Milling Company - Flour Mills and Derivatives

Bartlett Milling is a leader in the flour mill with strategically located mills in the Midwest and Mid- Atlantic. We distribute bagged and bulk flour and we have fleets of both truck and rail to transport our products to bakeries, restaurants and other large institutions. We also produce a wide variety of animal feed, which we sell at feed stores located in the Carolinas and Virginia.

Bartlett Milling's milling capacity exceeds 1,800 metric tons per day. We produce a complete line of quality flour for bread, crackers, tortillas, sweet biscuits, cakes, pizzas and biscuits. We also produce all purpose flour, whole meal and special blends to meet the specific needs of our customers. Bartlett Milling also produces a wide range of balanced feed for horses, cattle, pigs, chicken, dogs, birds, rabbits, deer, and other breeds. Our goal is to make correct and consistent products that exceed our customers' expectations.

, goats, sheep and ducks at their mill in Statesville, North Carolina. These foods and other animal care products are sold at our distribution centers in Goldsboro and Shelby-North Carolina, Florence and Taylors-South Carolina and Rustburg, Virginia.

Bartlett Cattle Company Livestock fattening division

Bartlett Cattle has a capacity of 100,000 head of cattle. Our feed and handling program is designed to produce a high-quality product for the meat packing industry. Our innovations are designed to maximize the efficiency of the production process and reduce the risks of this traditional and volatile market.

Contacts in Mexico

State Highway 85, Km 4.5

Chicalote Municipality of San Francisco de Los Romo Aguascalientes CP 20358 MEXICO

(449) 175 11 21

Contacts in US:
  • Rafael Ruiz Yvette Barragan

Bartlett Grain Company in 4900 Main Street, Suite 1200 in Kansas City, Missouri 64112 Telephone-Toll free within the US: 800 -396-2194