Hours, Directions & amp; Parking - HOUSTON ZOO

Hours, Directions & amp; Parking - HOUSTON ZOO

Hours, Directions & amp; Parking - HOUSTON ZOO

Zoo Hours

Due to Hurricane Harvey, the Zoo will be closed Friday - Sunday, August 25 - 27. The decision on reopening Monday will be made as the weather event continues . The Houston Zoo's leadership team has been monitoring the path of Hurricane Harvey, and has made the decision to close the zoo Friday, August 25 through Sunday, August 27. The safety of our team Members, guests. And animals is our top priority, and we have made this decision with that in mind.

The animals will be cared for during the storm by a select group of team members who will stay at the zoo throughout the weather event.

Exhibit and Activity Times

Directions to the Zoo

The Houston Zoo is located in Hermann Park adjacent to the Texas Medical Center and the Museum District.

My friends the pigeons: Emergency feeding for very small or sick chicks
One piece of research was called Evaluation of water deprivation and fluid therapy in the Pigeon, written by Martin and Kollias. The fluid passed into the crop can be water, electrolytes, vitamins, protein, fats, carbohydrates, or a mixture of the above.

There are two entrances to the Zoo:

  • Our Main Entrance at 6200 Hermann Park Drive
  • Our Medical Center Entrance on Cambridge Street across from Ben Taub Hospital. Open on weekends and major holidays. Provides dropoff, pickup and pedestrian access