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Diario El Carabobeño

Diario El Carabobeño

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Special Report: Early in the morning a child is lost. At about three o'clock in the morning, Mariposa Riviera was reported as lost when she was not at home. The last time they saw her, she wore red pajamas. If you see her, call the police immediately.

1) Where was the child last seen?

A) At home.
B) At your school.
C) At work.
D) In ​​the house of his grandparents.

2) When was the girl reported losing?

A) In the morning.
B) At night.
C) In the afternoon.
D) Yesterday.

Maria: Today I will not get home until late at night.
Miguel: What time are you going to get home?
Maria: I'm not sure. I have to finish my project.
Miguel: Okay, I'll prepare dinner for the kids.
Maria: Thank you, you're great.

3) Because she has to work late ...

4) What time will she come home?
A) At nine o'clock B) She does not know.
C) Before dinner.
D) Tomorrow morning.

Lord: What time does the train leave for Mexico City?
Miss: Sir, the train has already left.
Lord: How? It's supposed to be on that train.
Miss: Sorry sir, the next train is tomorrow morning.
Sir: Tomorrow morning? I guess I'll have to buy another ticket.
Miss: It costs one hundred twenty-five dollars.

5) What happened to the passenger?

As at 08:30 I have my first encounter with one of the endless hot springs that awaited me that day. Maybe if 25 times stop to see, photograph and take videos of the hot springs was little.

A) He wants to know the cost of the train.
B) He lost the train.
C) He's waiting for someone coming on the train.
D) He wants first class.

6) How many tickets do you want?

A) One hundred and twenty-five. B) Sixteen.
C) A few.
D) One.

7) When is the next train?

A) In an hour.
B) Tomorrow morning.
C) At five in the afternoon
D) Later in the afternoon.

I think Cancun is the best place to go on vacation. It's great for families and couples. There are romantic restaurants for couples. Some restaurants specialize in making children feel welcome, in an informal atmosphere. The beach in Cancun is long and beautiful. The water is warm and clear with lots of fish. You can relax in the sun or in the sand. Also, the people are very friendly. Sometimes they sell ice cream on the beach. Shopping in Cancun is great. There are three shopping centers. The best of them is called La Isla. It has so many stores that it takes a lot of time to go through them all. He even has an aquarium.

8) In Cancún, most people relax in

A) The beach
B) The shopping center
C) The aquarium
D ) Restaurants

9) How many shopping centers are there in Cancun?

A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Four

A) There are many things to do and see. B) Not expensive.
C) It has the best shops.
D) It is close to the beach.

CLEP Practice Test Answer:

A) At home. B) Your husband will prepare dinner. / li> B) Tomorrow morning A) The beach C) Three A) There are many things to do and see .