There are 159 immediate vacancies and 795 vacancies. The salaries range from R $ 3,600 to R $ 9,700.

Petrobras continues to register for public selection process for 954 positions in medium and higher level positions. There are 159 immediate opportunities and 795 for reserve records. Salaries range from R $ 3,681.63 to R $ 9,786.14, the registration period started on the last day 15 and continues until September 4 through the website www.cesgranrio.org.br. The rate is R $ 47 for medium level and R $ 67 for higher level.

The objective and discursive tests will be applied on October 1 in several cities, one in the region: Macaé. On the Cesgranrio site you can see the edict. Click here.

Of all the opportunities, 5% are reserved for people with disabilities and 20% for blacks. Cesgranrio is the organizer responsible for the selection.

Top-level positions are for junior work physician.

Mid / technical level vacancies are for junior work nursing technician , Junior Equipment / Installation Inspection Technician, Junior Maintenance Technician / Boilermaker, Junior / Electrical Maintenance Technician, Junior Maintenance Technician / Instrumentation, Junior / Mechanical Maintenance Technician, Operation Technician and Junior Safety Technician. > Opportunities are for the poles of Alagoas, Sergipe, Amazonas, Alto do Rodrigues (RN), Mossoró (RN), Natal, São Mateus (ES), Rio de Janeiro and Southeast - Anchieta (ES), Angra dos (RJ), Rio de Janeiro, Santos (State of São Paulo), São Paulo State (Brazil) and the State of São Paulo , Seropédica (RJ) or Vitória.

The objective and discursive tests will be applied on October 1 in the cities of Natal, Maceió, Aracaju, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória, Macaé (RJ), Santos (SP) and Vitória.

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Petrobras' last two selection processes were carried out in 2014 and 2015. In 2014, there were more than 8 thousand positions in positions of medium and higher levels. There were 310,893 registered candidates, about 470 candidates per job. The final result was announced in January 2015. In May 2015, the selection was for 158 places for lawyers.

Petrobras reported a net profit of R $ 316 million in the second quarter, Last week. The result represents a fall of 14.6% compared to the second quarter of 2016 and a fall of 93% compared to the first quarter.

This is the third quarter followed by gains. In the first quarter, the oil company reported a profit of 4.45 billion. In 2016, Petrobras accumulated losses of R $ 14.8 billion, the third consecutive year of losses.

According to the state company, the result reflected "the lower margins of derivatives, Of the operating expenses.

Salary: R $ 3,681.63 to R $ 9,786.14

Proof: October 1

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