GC6ACT1 La Rambla Del Poyo II (Traditional Cache) in Comunidad Valenciana, Spain created by pequenaruth

The Poyo rambla (also called Chiva ravine or Torrente ravine or Catarroja ravine Strong>) is a river-rambla located in the province of Valencia. Its basin is between the Turia and Júcar rivers, and the Picassent ravine, and has an area of ​​462 square kilometers.

The rambla enters the region of the Huerta Sur of Valencia through Of the "Pla de Quart", where it comes embedded between slopes of clays and gravels. At this point it enters a canalized section where it receives the waters of a ravine of perennial waters coming from the Serra Perenxisa, the ravine of the Gallego. Then it continues on its way until reaching Torrent, where the ravine channel widens and deepens, receiving there also the waters of the L'Horteta ​​em> Ravine, which also comes from the Sierra Perenxisa.

Then the stream of the rambla continues in the direction of NO-SE towards the lake of La Albufera, where it ends. But first it crosses and collects the precipitations of the municipal terms of Picanya, Paiporta, Masanasa and Catarroja, to which it separates, to finally end in the Albufera of Valencia.

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Sabina is not the best singer, nor the most handsome, but is the only one who puts the bowler for love Chaplin and Buster Keaton. But always surrounded by the same musicians, that praetorian guard that compose Pancho Varona and Antonio García de Diego.

In my interior I have:
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- 1 tetris cube - 4 ladybugs - 1 toy car - 1 pizarrita - 1 necklace and earrings of coffee seeds.