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Te has fijado en que es más fácil destruirse a sí mismo que destruir lo que nos destruye?
Una fiebre ingobernable

Te has fijado en que es más fácil destruirse a sí mismo que destruir lo que nos destruye? Una fiebre ingobernable

Author has written 85 stories for Harry Potter, and Walking Dead.

Hello, I'm a 24 year old girl who knew the fanfics world thanks to Facebook pages, Where I started to read Twilight story (not the couple cannon, but Bella / Jasper, for example).

After that period came the stories of Harry Potter * O *

Dramione . This couple started to like me when I searched, out of curiosity, about them. I do not remember the first story I read, but the second "Unexpected Roommates" and from then on I have not stopped reading and reading;)

Drarry . I confess that I knew nothing of the world of slash, was a total ignorant. One day I saw a photo on Facebook of the couple and my first reaction was "Fuck, I do not like". Then a girl uploaded a link to a story and after much thought I said "Why not" and read it ("My father says", my first story Drarry). Since that day I have read more stories of them than Dramas. I love it:)

The Walking Dead.

Biohostal Mindo
TWIN ENSUITE / 2 People Enjoy the privacy of a large room for two people, with two seperate beds, an ensuite with hot water . They exchanged potatoes, mellocos, quinoa, & amp; Obsidian stones for marine products such as shell spondilus.

I remember that the first preview I saw was charming and fair it was given that the premiere would be a first of November So I saw her. If I could choose the best season it would be; The second:)

Bethyl . As I cried with the death of Beth, however still I still like as a couple. It was very unfair all that happened to uuuf.

Rickyl . * O * If Daryl is not with Beth, then with Rick lol. I just love ... those looks, that complicity and camaraderie ... there's something.

Wow. I never imagined getting to the point of writing my ideas, my thoughts and feelings. I think that only one story (one-shot) reflects something of me and although I have not published it I plan to do it later. The others, all, have a little bit of me: thoughts, emotions and things.

I love writing. I love the idea of ​​capturing things that happen every day. I love the idea of ​​innovating in stories, which are not very clichés.

Love to read. I read everything, ALL, and non-discriminating;)

And, well, for me, this is the beginning.