Walking Through The Walls

Walking Through The Walls

Walking Through The Walls

Every once in a while, we all internally that question. It comes to our consciousness without asking permission and settles there for a while. It does not matter where we are; Usually occurs in times of loneliness. "What is life?" I asked myself today as I had my head resting on 570 (the cheapest collective I know, since all his travels are worth 75 cents) and looked out, without fixing my vision at any exact point .

I am convinced that every time we approach this transcendental issue of existence we have a different conclusion about it. I wanted to face the keyboard quickly to capture all the thoughts that emerged as accurately as possible, but I could not do it because there are always human obstacles that prevent it. The ideas are indomitable, there is no mind capable of holding them in their cage when they decide to flee. They just do it and never come back. Or yes, but not when one pleads for them. Now, after two introductory paragraphs (in) necessarily included, I will tell what life is, according to my evening reflections. I think living is plagued by some unexpected events as one tries to control the uncontrollable. And now is the time when the ineffability of living takes hold of my neurons and I can not express everything accurately, but I am sure that this is part of the matter. Life is not closed for absolute interpretations, that is why the small descriptions that invade us when we least expect it, and that after a few moments we hide in the corner of the subconscious. It seems to me that I'm encrypting too much.

One person looked at you and changed your life forever. One week they got married.

One person looked at you and changed your life forever.

Marta ❄        @_AM_Marta
Marta ❄ @_AM_Marta

You have found a 100 peso bill on the sidewalk.

weights in the street.

You wear a shooting star.

A meteorite fell on your head and buckled you.

You gave a flower an unbelievable stranger.

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Here are four examples, not too imaginative, of unexpected things that could happen to us. One half is harmful and the other half is favorable, for the eyes of a common human being. The bad thing is that nobody knows that this alleged balance between "good" and "evil".

[How the fuck is it possible that before publishing this salad of riddled thoughts, I hear that from the television of my house comes the music of The Ingalls Family? I'm a freak, it was Back to the Future. I do not deserve to live. Neither one nor the other. It was from My Poor Little Angel. I'm done shit, yeah.]

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