The Song and the Feather of the Peacock - Steemit

The Song and the Feather of the Peacock - Steemit

The Song and the Feather of the Peacock - Steemit

Long ago, in paradise there was a kingdom of birds, birds lived happily and in harmony, in this feud only the most prestigious birds lived, was the nightingale, the turkey of the mountain, the Cardinal, the peacock and the messenger of the road, these birds were selected for their beauty, their songs and skills, all birds lived happily under the reign of the pheasant.

Each bird played a role in paradise, the messenger of the road had the mission to take care of the roads of entrance to the paradise, the Turkey of the mount had to warn if there were inhabitants in the grounds, the Peacock had the work of butler, the Cardinal had the responsibility to awaken the supreme of the pheasant paradise and the nightingale had the mission to sing to all the inhabitants of paradise, each bird had a task to fulfill, no one was superior or inferior to another, this was the key to coexistence in harmony.

hummingbird one of the most precious birds in the world, asked himself daily why he was never summoned to the kingdom of birds?

One day the envious Hummingbird began to create a bad environment in the kingdom, defaming each bird, inventing and creating situations of conflict.

The times of peace were over, the internal fights between the birds began, they wanted to be one more important than the other, the supreme pheasant that sees everything, I convene a meeting to define who would lead the group of birds, a responsibility and a very important position for the bird he assumed.

The birds engaged in a discussion about how the contest should be, and each highlighted their attributes, sufficient reasons to be deserving of kingdom leadership .

If there is anyone deserving of the position, it's me! said the turkey of the mountain, my mission is the most dangerous and important in the kingdom, I take care of the kingdom of intruders, only a brave strong character can do this task, the post requires a person with character to govern the birds, not there is a more important reason to lead the kingdom.

They realize because I must govern! The Cardinal said, as he walked showing his beautiful feathers, do not see my beauty, I have a relentless trajectory within the kingdom, my mission is to wake every morning to the supreme pheasant, without my work there would be no kingdom, the pheasant would not rise to reign paradise, this would be a chaos and a great destruction.

The peacock listened very attentively to the manifestations of the birds, tried to see their qualities, their mission did not seem important, their plumage did not attract attention of anyone, who could say to highlight his figure and deserve governability, looked around and saw that the presence of the messenger of the road was missing, while everyone argued went to the house of Puhuy.

I come to give you the news of the meeting that is taking place in the kingdom, the birds discuss their position of deserving governability, I want to be sincere, I with these feathers and my profession can hardly win the contest and you are very small pa I would like to propose the following, if you lent me your feathers I would win the contest, you would have many benefits in the kingdom and we would share the riches.

The Song and the Feather of the Peacock - Steemit

The puhuy lent his plumage to the peacock, the turkey placed the feathers of the puhuy distribute them well to make it look like they had many and cover their body well, to impress was added a large tail of many colors.

The Peacock went elegantly to the kingdom where the meeting was held, I waited patiently for his turn, when everyone calmed down, made his colossal entrance, walking with his body erect, unfolding all his feathers and his glittering tail, worthy of to be royalty.

It was addressed to everyone with great height, as you will see, I am a bird full of surprise, I have the leadership incorporated, as you can see, this is the result of my leadership and leadership, this plumaje belonged to the messenger of the road, convinced that I must be the leader to give his pen to beautify the next sovereign, this is the test of my governability.

The supreme pheasant was impressed and very much in agreement with the election of the new kingdom leader of the birds, I make the decision and I appoint leader of the kingdom of the birds to the Peacock, I order to spread the news, I request to all the present the respect to the new authority.

The peacock took its new obligations and forgetting their commitments to the Puhuy the messenger of the road. The Puhuy being without feathers could not attend the kingdom of birds, it had been a long time since the last time they had seen the small bird, the the rest of the birds paid a visit to the little bird in his home.

On arriving at his house they found him dead of cold covered with branches, very angry with the peacock because they had not returned their feathers, worse is that he did not fulfill his promise, very angry with the turkey I tell the true story to the rest of the birds.

The peacock was punished, a liar and a liar, and he is condemned to not have a song like all birds, every time he sings, only a very unpleasant sound that causes laughter to the whole kingdom of the birds.

I wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another account of my land Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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