The Call of Lauren - Out of the Wings

Lauren's Call is a short play set over the space of one evening. It is the night of Pedro and Rosa's third wedding anniversary, a date that coincides with the carnival taking place in the streets outside. The couple therefore have the perfect excuse to add dressing up to their anniversary celebrations. The play begins with Pedro alone in the apartment preparing himself for the evening. To the husky voice of Lauren Bacall, Pedro gets dressed in an alluring female outfit complete with a luxurious wig, silk stockings and high heels. Rosa arrives home and is impressed by her husband's transformation. He looks amazing; He'll have to watch out for the attentions of men on the street! Rosa helps Pedro put the finishing touches to his outfit and then goes to put on her clown custom for the carnival. But Pedro has a surprise for her. He has hired a man's suit that he wants to wear. For one night only, he will be Lauren Bacall and she will be Humphrey Bogart.

Pedro insists on dressing Rosa. He puts the trousers of the suit on her ... but before he dresses her in the shirt, he binds her chest tightly. Rosa at first objects to such a tight band being put around her breasts to disguise them, but on Pedro's insistence she accepts. Eventually, her outfit is complete. Dressed in a man's suit, bow-tie, shoes and hat, Rosa sits while Pedro draws sideburns and a mustache on her face and provides her with a cigar to complete the look. Finally, Pedro has one last surprise for his wife - her anniversary present. Is it perfume? No, it's a dildo! Pedro wants to wear it, but Rosa is disgusted.

Later, Rosa returns home. She has calmed down and is eager to understand her husband's strange behavior. Eventually, after being pressed, Pedro opens up to her. He tells her that, the children, he and his sister used to enjoy dressing up in women's clothes. One day, his father caught them. I have slapped Pedro and I have also beat Pedro's sister, accusing her of turning her brother into a homosexual. From that day on, Pedro resolved to be overtly macho in an effort to remove any doubt about his sexuality. He now feels a sense of alienation in such a hyper-masculine role. In fact, Pedro confesses, he likes dressing as a woman. Rosa is outraged. She tries to take off Pedro's dress, accusing him of being gay. Resigned, Pedro takes off his women's clothes, sad that his wife can not understand that his desire to wear women's clothes does not automatically mean he is gay.

After this angry scene, Pedro and Rosa try to restore some calm To their supposedly celebratory evening. Pedro plays down his love of female clothes; Rosa suggests they have a child. Both pretend that Pedro's revelation and behavior can be easily forgotten and that things can continue as they were before. Eventually, Rosa gets into bed. Peter remains awake. Believing Rosa to be asleep, he has tentatively reapplies his lipstick in front of the mirror. Then, quietly, he packs a bag with the wig, shoes and other women's accessories. He makes to leave, but Rosa suddenly asks him where he is going. Pedro is leaving for the carnival outside. Instead of arguing with him, Rosa completes Pedro's look by putting a rose in his hair and wishes him happy carnival. He leaves dressed as a woman. Rosa remains alone, laughing, then crying.

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At the beginning of the play, Pedro puts on the soundtrack to the film To Have and To Have Not (1944). In this film Lauren Bacall sings the song How Little We Know in husky and almost manly voice.

Lauren's Call (Lauren's Call) was originally written as a short one-act play and was runner-up for the 1984 Valladolid Prize for Short Theater In November 1985 an expanded version was staged simultaneously by different companies in Valladolid and Madrid. Paloma Pedrero played Rosa in the Madrid production.

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