Rafa Cotelo

Rafa Cotelo

Finally, we arrived at the last photo of our project 365 Hands, our second 365 consecutive.

This has been special for others. The project came from birth with the complication of being treated Of a specific and unique theme ... Hands. As I said at the beginning, Hands are very artistic, attractive and express many things.

I can not complain. We found all kinds of hands, and I'm sure they were missing Some, but the conviction and satisfaction of knowing that I gave everything I could in the time that I could make me feel full.

I learned a lot from the people to whom I approached to ask them of favor to leave me Photographing his hands.Many of them agreed immediately, others were suspicious, some, curious and the less they were denied sharply.

Pacific Aquarium exhibits its wonders in Summer of Wonder
Then we went on to two new exhibits at the Molina Animal Care Center, one of sponges and corals, and another of horseshoe crabs. In 1997 it almost became extinct due to the destruction of river beds, disappearance of rivers due to drought and pollution.

But thanks to God I was able to do so thanks to the support of all of you, Project from the beginning.To those who joined me as well, those who stayed in the Way. I understand very well that it is not easy, but definitely, it is an iron discipline that is easily compromised by any setback ... You have to put time, love, affection and above all, commitment.

Special thanks to my brother Pedro Genaro, "El Gashardo" for the constant attention, counseling, help and to take the project for him as if it were his.

To my other brothers Tender by the push, my Brother "CachéMotaPortes", which you were always aware of, and Giselle Moreno, "Cocuyooo", whom I first told him about the project.

I promise you, for now, it's the last one! Yaaaaa! Hahaha!

In the words of old Gustavo: "Thank you ... Totals!"