Trump Is Endangering Nuclear Deal, Says Iranian Foreign Minister

For the second time, The Trump administration has declared that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal, but threatened more sanctions for breaching the "spirit" of the agreement.

The talking points emphasize that the US Treasury Department could impose sanctions on seven Iranian government entities and five individuals, Buzzfeed reported, in an attempt to punish and deter Iran from its alleged "malign activities".

"The president and the secretary of state judge that these Iranian activities severely undermine the intent of the JCPOA, which was to contribute to regional and global peace and security", the agency quoted the official as saying.

Per the agreement pushed by President Obama, as a legacy defining issue according to critics, Iran agreed to freeze its nuclear weapons programme for 15 years in exchange for lifting of US-led economic sanctions - in addition to those mandated by the United Nations - that had crippled its economy.

"The President and the Secretary of State judge that these Iranian activities merely undermine the intent of the JCPOA, which was to contribute to regional and worldwide peace and security".

The US state department said 18 entities or individuals would be affected by the new measures.

They also expect to see more sanctions over the Regime's ballistic missile program and regional destabilisation.

Asked what steps the administration could take since they were certifying Iran's compliance with the deal, an official said that the White House would "take every opportunity we can to identify areas of ambiguity" while facing Iran's "well-established strategy of getting away with as much as they can get away with".

Iran's chief of staff, Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri, said that designating the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps a terrorist organization would be a huge miscalculation, and threatened the consequences of doing so, saying it could destabilize the entire region, Iranian media reported.

Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee says the actions show Trump is "fully committed" to confronting the Iranian threat.

Security concern prompts precautionary evacuations, gate closure - Western Mass News - WGGB/WSHM
Although the Vandenberg Gate remains closed, " the base is otherwise returning to normal operations ", officials added. Bedford police said they are aware of the ongoing incident but there is "no danger to the community at this time".

The statement also criticised Iran's support for the Syrian government and groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

As a result of Tuesday's actions, any assets that the designated entities have within the US have been frozen, USA persons are prohibited from engaging in business interactions with them, and foreign financial institutions risk being sanctioned if they do business with the blacklisted entities.

President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and "the entire administration judge that Iran is unquestionably in default of the spirit" of the agreement, one official told the Associated Press.

The announcement comes the day after the Trump administration certified that Tehran is in compliance with the terms of the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement created to ensure Iran doesn't make nuclear weapons.

"The president has made very clear his desire to fix the many flaws in the deal".

Tuesday's sanctions came after the US Senate in June overwhelmingly passed legislation to strengthen sanctions against Iran for its ballistic missile testing and other non-nuclear provocations.

"If we simply get out of the deal the Europeans will no longer be with us", the senior official said.

In response, Iran's Foreign Ministry dismissed the allegations as baseless, saying the United States government and Mattis himself are the very epitome of terrorism and violation of human rights.

"They are part of an ongoing campaign to hold Iran accountable for its misbehaviour in ways that don't touch the deal", said an official.