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             Wonderful Job from ALL of you!! I was really satisfied!! I fitted well in that dress!! Good Job to everyone

02:51:58 Wonderful Job from ALL of you!! I was really satisfied!! I fitted well in that dress!! Good Job to everyone

As well known, both flowers and nature are part of the decoration of your wedding. Since tradition was introduced by the Greeks as a symbolic gift of nature, brides, grooms and all guests have worn or used flowers to reflect beauty and joy throughout that special day.

Currently flowers can form a large part of your decoration, but there are different ways to reproduce the desired image while being aware of nature.

When deciding on the decoration used in your wedding, I provide some recommendations about the seasonal flowers that will be of great help in deciding which to use.

Roses, tropical flowers, lilies, geraniums and orchids, among others, can help you create the wedding you want, as you already know. which are actually quite easy to get throughout the year.

You should take a look at how and when each species blooms:

10 edible flowers (first part) | Cooking and Wine
However the variety of edible species is immense and are a perfect choice to revitalize your dishes in both taste and decoration. Its versatility is so wide that it can be used in beverages, cocktails, teas, infusions, savory dishes and sweets.

WINTER: There is nothing better than one warm winter wedding, this being an excuse to wear fur and comfortable coats, which mixed with floral ornaments would stand out even more throughout the celebration. The recommended species would be:



Claveles in miniature
Mixed bouquet
Claveles white

SPRING: Blue skies and changes in temperatures, make the flowering of plants exposed to possible precipitation, showing spring as a clear set of bright colors, smells and new sensations. Flowers with intense perfumes like lilacs and daffodils are perfect for delicate brides, but tulips and lilies are becoming more and more popular among them.

Autumn bouquet: Being able to capture all the richness of autumn for your decoration is a challenge as the amount of colors exposed throughout this time are impressive. Strawberries, raspberries, currants, and twigs can complete the seasonal wedding picture including dahlias and calendulas. You can also use a lot to organize the style of your wedding invitations as suggested here.

Now that you know and you have a hint of the flowers that you have for the wedding season, it will be a matter of thinking about which of them will be the part of the bouquet, which for the decoration and which are your favorite.

There is also nothing in nature that compares to the Christmas season, with its beautiful colors in the flowers, is red and white color.

At Christmas the flowers take on a very special relevance, for even the wild plants are clad in a white blanket, making this season the most beautiful of all the year.