San Miguel de Allende: First Class Hotels in San Miguel

Jardin Botanico La Laguna flores rosadas

Jardin Botanico La Laguna flores rosadas

Y ou're on vacation and you want to be comfortable. But you do not want to blow your whole budget vacation on a hotel.

Well, relax. In San Miguel de Allende, you can stay in complete comfort and style without breaking the bank. Most of these lovely hotels have been part of the San Miguel scene for years-since most of the newer, super-luxury properties were even gleamed at a hotelier's eye. They have the experience to do it right.

And the latest luxury hotels have learned very well, thank you, how to pamper their guests.

Name: Hotel Atotonilco El Viejo Location:

Contact: San Antonio de Allende is located in San Miguel de Allende, Tel: (415) 185-2131 Email:

Notes: This spa-type property is just off the road to Dolores Hidalgo and only one mile from the Sanctuary of Atotonilco, the "Sistine Chapel of the Americas." The resort's amenities include both indoor and outdoor hot springs pools, an open hot tub, steam room, and tennis courts.

Contact: Phone: (415) 152-0209 or: (415) 154-8782 Email:

Prices: $ 90-162, $ 271 for a 2-story, 2-bedroom suite

b> Located in a 300+ -year-old-building with views of the Garden. Suites have full kitchens. Other rooms have coffeemaker, small fridge, microwave. Free wireless internet. Cable TV.

Location: Sources No. 12, in Colonia Atascadero

Size: 4 rooms and 2 suites

Prices: $ 115-185, including breakfast

Notes: A beautiful new property on the hill above town with fabulous views. Gardens and terraces on many levels with ponds and fountains. This is an especially nice property for a wedding in San Miguel de Allende. Wireless connection in some rooms. Guest computer available. Hospice No. 16, three blocks from the Garden

Name: Hacienda de las Flores

Size: 16 rooms

Contact: Tel: (415) 152-1808
From (0) 717-3534 Fax: (415) 152-8383 Email:

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Prices: $ 96-165, including breakfast < / p>

Notes: Built in a 440-year-old remodeled orphanage, this is a famous older San Miguel hotel. There is a small pool (fee charged for use), gardens, and a restaurant. Many rooms have kitchenettes for longer stays.

Location: Mail # 10, just 1/2 block from the Garden p>

Size: 9 double rooms / suites & amp;

Contact: Phone: (415) 152-1647 Fax: (877) 587-6748 Fax: ( 415) 152-0017 E-mail:

Notes: A simply gorgeous property with a superb location just off the Garden. The decor features lots of wood, boveda ceilings, hand-made ironwood furniture, talavera tiled baths, interior patios. Valet parking available.

Name: Los Angeles Mission


Contact: Phone: (415) 152 2099 Email: Email ThisBlogThis! Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Labels:

Name: San Francisco Inn Location: Main Square No. 2, right on the Garden

Contact: Phone: (415) 152-7213 or (415) 152-0072

Notes: If you like to be in the middle of things, this has the best location of any hotel in San Miguel de Allende. It faces right onto the garden. I stayed in this hotel for 3 nights. On-site restaurant with a view onto the square. Wireless internet. Parking available.

Name: Real de Minas Location: Calle Ancha de San Antonio, past the Instituto Allende

Contact: Phone: (415) 152-2626 Fax: (415) 152-1727 E-mail: .com

Notes: Another very large, full-service hotel with extensive grounds. Restaurant, lobby bar, shops, pool, tennis courts. It even has its own bullring. Good for meetings or large weddings.

Name: Real Vista ​​b>

Location: Callejon Arias No. 4, in Barrio de la Palmita ​​p> (415) 152-3984 or (415) 152-3996 Email: info @ vistarealhotel. The hotel is located in the heart of the city.

Prices: $ 148-295 for Master Suites

Notes: Colonial -style hotel with lots of wrought iron, carved wood, beamed ceilings. There is an on-site restaurant with room service, bar, wireless internet, gym. Suitable for a San Miguel wedding. Valet and shuttle service to downtown are available.