Pet dog resuscitated by California firefighters

The dog was revived with a specialised animal oxygen mask

The dog was revived with a specialised animal oxygen mask

A dog is recovering after Bakersfield firefighters saved him from a home and resuscitated him this morning.

"We're gonna give him some oxygen", one firefighter can be heard saying as the dog lay deathlike on a lawn outside a residential structure that caught fire.

The poor dog had inhaled smoke and emergency services tried to save him using a specialized animal oxygen mask, as his owner looked on.

After a few harrowing moments, Jack is awake and responsive.

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"We did pull that dog to the outside, he actually appeared very lifeless", Frando said. Then, he received oxygen treatment overnight. And even though the pup suffered some respiratory tract injuries and burns to his feet, he is doing much better now.

"BFD firefighters consider it an honour and duty to serve our community ... and that includes protecting our pets, livestock and wildlife as well".

The Bakersfield Fire Department posted the video to its Facebook page on Wednesday, where it has been viewed almost 700,000 times.