Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One trailer: Virtual reality in all its glory

The director introduced the spot in Hall H

The director introduced the spot in Hall H

Ready Player One lights up our screens on March 30th, 2018.

The trailer sets the stage in Columbus, Ohio in 2045, with Watts saying the Oasis is "the only place that feels like I mean anything".

Anyone who loved Ready Player One the novel did so partly because of all the '80s pop culture references contained therein, but it would be impossible for the film to cover them all.

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Based on the novel by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One tells the story of a teenager embarked on a treasure hunt in a virtual reality game, in a world torn apart by an energy crisis. Tye Sheridan stars as the lead character Wade Owen Watts, who longs to have been born in the 1980s. The real world of La Caja de Pandora isn't just run down like in Ready Player One, its almost toxic. The shiny, fun-filled world of OASIS is a nostalgic's delight. The Matrix has been the only film which has absolutely nailed virtual reality, but it is better known for its action scenes than anything else.

"This film will expose a lot of people to the concept of virtual reality, and I think that this will change the speed of adoption" of this tool, has added Ernie Cline. So when the great bearded one announced he was going to direct a movie version, many were intruigued about how they'd incorporate references to films owned by a wide variety of companies - especially as Spielberg said he would be going easy on references to his own films.

This is pretty much Spielberg telling The Wachowskis and Luc Besson, "Sit down and drink your glass of milk little kids". The nostalgia for and romanticization of the decade is real, and one of the most recent (and perfect) examples of that is Cline's novel.