Carballos, fountains and mountains whispered in my ear that there is a place where land and sea are bathed by water, where in addition to plants there are marine animals with roots that live on the bare rock, where the flavors and the smells fill your soul and where to look at the horizon is to see the end of the world.

Planters ... this week I wanted to tell you that I have returned to my beloved Galician lands, specifically, the Rías Bajas . Despite not being Galician I have a special feeling for Galicia. Its landscapes, its people who have always opened their doors to me, the gastronomy, the monuments ... everything makes Galicia my beloved land that I see from afar and when I can visit is this the morriña? This time I made a base in Vigo, I was able to visit the villages lying in the estuaries of Arousa, Pontevedra and Vigo. The truth is that this land does not disappoint anyone who decides to visit it.

It is undeniable that the climate they enjoy in Galicia (coast) is the envy of any planter who wants to have a flower garden. The constant humidity and rain make the plants "feel happy" wherever you put them. To this, we must add temperate summers that delight these. If I have said temperate summers, not dry ones (not as rainy as bad fame puts them).

D o r th e s
The statue of a uniformed figure on the left, suspended in a brutal struggle with a girl wrapping herself behind, tongue out. This furious choir that lives in the sky, uses "your mask of perfect presidency" although it does not belong of any place.

All this climate makes the plants grow with stunning greenery and without apparent too much care. When I went from one place to another and went from town to town I was looking at the gardens and plants that grow in Galicia.

As a final and personal reflection, and after marveling at the gardens that you find anywhere you least expect it ... I encourage the Galicians to use other plants that can draw attention in their gardens. To give an example, the coops are super cheap plants and easy to reproduce with which you can make up hedges full of color. All they need is moisture. The coleos (trying not to be green) can create a very good contrast. Some lilies would look great, I think a border of a fence for example. With this I want to encourage you to try, to experiment, to break the monotony of green.