Quilling Chile ❀ Filigree in Chile (By Pily Núñez)

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Hello girls !!!!

I have been missing for some time now, but as some of you know, I have other activities that I do, so I have little time to "filigree".

On this occasion I happened to Leave a gift to my faithful followers. I tell you that this weekend is celebrating Mother's Day in Chile, so here I leave, with much affection, a tutorial of a cute card that I did for free to a group of very nice girls from Facebook, does some years ago. The tutorial is composed of several parts, so that they are more understandable and easy to do.

I hope you can do it, not only for this Sunday, but for any other day, for any special person that you wish Make a nice gift. And if you want to share the results of your work do not hesitate to request your membership in my group on Facebook by clicking here.

I hope you like it and leave me nice comments jajajaj!

A kiss for all and Happy Quilling!

Here we go!

Making the base card

Cutter or manual guillotine < / P>

Ideally tools to texture

· Cut a cardboard of 22.5 cms. For 15 cms. And fold it in half in the widest part.

· Cut a white cardboard of 10, 5 cms. For 14.5 cms. To this card you can decorate it or give it some kind of texture, but leaving space to later paste our work. Another alternative is to cut a paper with these already textured dimensions.

· Glue the white cardboard to the pink base.

In this way, our base card remains:

Making leaves and baskets They have to cut, according to attached patterns)

· Cut into a thick cardboard a flowerpot. You can draw it in free form.

· Then wrap it with paper with design.

I leave several patterns to cut the leaves:

Making the flowers in filigree and

Arming and decorating the card < Pale pink flower:

2 pink pale strips of 33cms Long by 1.5 cms wide.

Agriculture in Chile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Agriculture in Chile is an activity that has a pre-Hispanic background in an important part of the country. In fact, Chilean agriculture represents a large percentage of the country's exports to other nations.

1 yellow strip of 28 cms. Long by 3mm wide.

2 pink strips 33cms long by 1.5 cms wide.

1 white strip 28 cms long by 3mm. Wide.

2 yellow strips, 33 cms long and 1.5 cms wide.

1 pink strip 28 cms long by 3mm. Wide.

1 strip of fuchsia 33cm long by 1cm. Wide.

1 white strip 16 cms long by 3mm. Wide.

1 yellow strip 33 cms long by 3mm. Wide.

1 strip of fuchsia 16 cms long by 3mm. Wide.

Note: Colors can be chosen from each one.

On the card. In the model I used pink ribbon, white lace and 3 medium pearls adhesive.

Arrangement and decorating of the card:

P> · Paste the elements to the base of the card in the following order: flowerpot, flowers and leaves. Locate the flowers and leaves, depending on the model or the way you think the design looks harmonious.

· Then paste the lace on the bottom of the card. Its measurement corresponds to the width of the card.

· Then with the ribbon, make a ribbon and stick a strip of ribbon on the card and the ribbon.

· Finally, paste the three pearls in the upper left of the card.

· The decoration I give you is just a suggestion, so you can incorporate the items you want and have at hand.

And this is the end result!

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