Sushma Swaraj interrupted by Opposition in Parliament

No concrete evidence whether 39 Indians missing in Iraq's Mosul are dead Sushma Swaraj

No concrete evidence whether 39 Indians missing in Iraq's Mosul are dead Sushma Swaraj

In the second week of June 2014, Indian officials in Baghdad said they had lost contact with 40 construction labourers, many of them from Punjab, who had been working on a government construction project in Mosul.

She said, whatever she has communicated to the families of the missing Indians are based on the information received from the sources.

Forty Indians, a lot of them from Punjab, went missing in June 2014 after Mosul fell to the Islamic State. Ms. Swaraj said she has "six other sources" telling her that the Indians are still alive. "As per the last intel report, they were housed in jail in beginning of 2016", she said.

In an emotional statement in the Lok Sabha, Swaraj rejected allegations that she had misled the country on the issue and asserted that the government will continue efforts to search for the 39 Indians, mostly from Punjab, who were working in construction company in Mosul in Iraq.

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Swaraj further added that on July 24 Iraq Iraq too said it has no "substantial evidence" on whether the 39 Indians are alive or dead. "We are going to do our best, but till now we can not say anything about their fate", al-Jaafari said.

Swaraj also told the House that she had spoken to her Turkey counterpart and that country had agreed to help trace the abducted Indians. They are also in touch with the families of the abductees.( But the government has never been in direct negotiation over the release of the men and has not confirmed if they have any concrete evidence they are alive.

The external affairs minister cited an example of the Congress government declaring a soldier martyr in 1971 war and after 45 years, it was found that he was in a jail in Pakistan.

"It is very easy for me to say that the 39 Indians are dead". They have been missing since the time the city was overrun by the Islamic State. "Right now, allow her to speak", said Speaker Sumitra Mahajan. "But if tomorrow we discover that the person is alive, then only the person who talked to the family is responsible for it". "Why should I believe Harjit Masih's claims?".