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' Heritage (' AUSblush ' is the name of the registered breeder), is a rose cultivar that was obtained in the United Kingdom in 1984 by a British rose gardener David Austin.


'Heritage' is a modern rose cultivar from the group ' English Rose Collection The cultivar comes from the crossing of seedlings x 'Iceberg' (floribunda, Kordes 1958).

The shrub forms of the cultivar have an arched shape that reaches more than 120 to 130 cm of height with 120 cm of width. Stems with few spines or lack of them. The leaves are medium-dark matte dark green, leathery foliage.

Its delicate pink flowers are soggy. Strong lemon fragrance. 40 petals. The mean diameter is 3.5. Medium large, full (26-40 petals), in small groups, cup-shaped to flat, in quarter, rosette.

Flowers in waves throughout the season. Spring or summer are the times of maximum flowering, if pruning is done later it then has dispersed blooms.

The cultivar was developed in the United Kingdom by the prolific British rose-grower David Austin in 1984. ' Heritage ' is a tetraploid hybrid rose with parental ascendants of' Iceberg '(Floribunda, Kordes 1958).

The breeder was registered under the cultivar name of' AUSblush by David Austin in 1984 and was given the trade name 'Heritage' ™.

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It is also recognized by the synonyms of ' AUSblush ', and' Roberta ​​b>.

  • The 'Heritage' rose was introduced in Australia with the patent "Australia - Application No: 1990/047 on 17 Apr 1990 ".
  • The 'Heritage' rose was introduced in New Zealand with the patent New Zealand - Patent No: 437 on 16 Aug 1998.

Can be used for cut flowers, garden or guide holder. Vigorous. In the pruning of Spring it is convenient to remove the old canes and dead or diseased wood and to cut canes that cross. In warmer climates, trim the remaining reeds in about a third. In colder areas, you probably need to trim a little more than that. It requires protection against the freezing of the winter frost.

Heritage Rose Bud

Due to the desirable qualities of the 'Heritage' rose, it has been used as a parent ascender at crosses to obtain new varieties of roses.