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If the exterior space of your house is limited and the patio is small and narrow, you have to take into account the aesthetics of your design at all times. It is also important to implement a natural design that follows the tone, lines and motif of the house design.

Areas must be well-defined but at the same time they must flow harmoniously between them. I prefer to stick to a minimalist design without overloading it, because if you put a lot of furniture and accessories the environment will look very messy and overloaded.

If you decide to put trees or shrubs as part of your decoration, try not to be too voluptuous but rather tall and thin so that they grow tall and give the feeling of height to your design. Keep them trimmed and well cared for in all mometo so they do not invade the little space you have.

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The key to any small yard design and narrow is simplicity. Find the reason for your decoration whether you want an area to share with family and enjoy beautiful evenings then implement furniture and table to sit with a small campfire and complements with trees and flowers. If you want a pool I recommend you stick to rectangular and long pools to use the space to the maximum.

Not all the yard has to be green or grass area, you can complement it with pavers, wood floors or others to separate your environments.

The perimeter fence is very important since as the yard is small and narrow you will see from all angles. I recommend a fence with a good finish if it is of wood give continuous maintenance, or if you prefer a fence of stone to avoid maintenance. Another option is to complement the fence with climbing plants that will give you a very cozy and lively style.