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There was a time and a time so beautiful, so concerted, so industrious, it was a charm. One day he was sweeping the door of his house, an ochavito was found. He said to himself: What shall I do with this occhavito? Will I buy pine nuts? No, I can not leave. Will I buy meringues? No, that's a treat. I think more, and went to a store, where he bought some of the flowers, washed, combed, dressed, put on his rouge and sat at the window. You see; Like she was so groomed and so pretty, everyone who passed was falling in love with her. A bull passed and said:

-Hormiguita, do you want to marry me?

-And how will you fall in love? Said the ant.

The bull roared; the ant covered his ears with both feet.

"Follow your path," he said to the bull, "you frighten me, you amaze me and frighten me." A dog that barked, a cat that meowed, a pig that growled, a cock that cackled. All caused estrangement to the ant; none of them gained their will, until a mourner happened, who knew how to fall in love so delicately and delicately that the little ant gave him his little black hand. They lived like turtle-doves, and so happy, that it has not been seen since the world was a world.

It was bad luck that someday the little ant went to Mass, after putting the pot, he left the care of mountaineer, warning him, as prudent as he was, not to stir the pot with the small spoon, but with the ladle; but the mountaineer did the opposite of what his wife told him: he took the small spoon to shake the pot, and so it was that she had expected. Ratonpérez, with his clumsiness, fell into the pot, like a well, and died there drowned.

-Why do you cry?

-Because ratonpérez fell into the pot.

-And I, little bird, I cut my little bit. The pigeon came, and said: "Why, little bird, have you cut your beak?" "Because the mousetrap fell into the pot, and the ant- Feels and cries.

-And I, the dove, cut my tail.

Atonement | & Quot; That life was serious, one begins to understand it later & quot;
Sabina is not the best singer, nor the most handsome, but is the only one who puts the bowler for love Chaplin and Buster Keaton. But always surrounded by the same musicians, that praetorian guard that compose Pancho Varona and Antonio García de Diego.

The dovecote said: -Why do you, dove, Did you cut your tail?

-Because ratonpérez fell in the pot, and the ant feels it and cries; And that the little bird cut its little bit, and I, the pigeon, cut my tail.

-And I, pigeon, I'm going to tear it down.

-Why do you pigeonhole, you go to overthrow?

-Because the mousetrap fell into the pot, and the little ant feels it and cries it; and that the little bird cut its little bit; and that the dove is cut off the tail; And I, pigeonhole, I am going to overthrow.

- Well, I clear source, I start to cry.

The Infanta came to fill the pitcher. - Why, clear source, put to cry?

Because the mousetrap fell into the pot, and the little ant feels it and cries; And that the little bird was cut off, and that the dove cut off its tail; And that the dovecote should come down; And I, a clear source, I begin to weep.

-And I, who am Infanta, will break my pitcher.

And I, who tell it, end up in regret, because He fell into the pot, and the little ant feels it and cries!