Secret Service Leaves Trump Tower Command Post

Donald Trump's government and Trump's company had not been able to agree on the cost of the lease and its conditions

Donald Trump's government and Trump's company had not been able to agree on the cost of the lease and its conditions

Melania Trump, the president's wife, and their son, Barron, remained in the Trump Tower penthouse until the end of...

The notion of the Secret Service renting space from the president's private company was met with some criticism shortly after Trump took office, raising questions of potential conflicts of interest concerning a Trump-connected business potentially benefiting from a lucrative government contact.

The argument was freaky for all sorts of reasons, and it prompted the Secret Service, which very rarely weighs in on political disputes, to make clear that Sekulow's point was misguided.

The Trump Organization's Amanda Miller described the location change as a mutual decision.

Like any landlord wielding their power over hapless renters, a Trump Organization spokesperson told the Post that "it was mutually determined that it would be more cost effective and logistically practical for the Secret Service to lease space elsewhere".

Trump hasn't visited his Trump Tower residence since moving into the White House.

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As the president's permanent home, Trump Tower is required to have Secret Service protection, even when the president and his family aren't there. The Secret Service said the move will not affect security.

But because Trump lives in the most densely populated neighborhood in the biggest city in the USA, this is a massive task. According to the Post's article, there was a "dispute" between the Trump Organization and the agency, which reportedly involved "sticking points" that included "the price and other conditions of the lease". The owner of that space, however, is not affiliated with the Trump Organization.

"This idea of us having a command post that is not co-located with one of our protectee's residences, that's not something new for us", she added.

Now, with the post on the street below, security experts worry that radio transmissions could break up because of the distance and multiple walls between agents on the scene and commanders in the trailer. No word on what that price was, but the USA military rents separate space in Trump Tower with a price tag of about $130,000 a month, according to The Wall Street Journal. That space is expected to be used as the White House military office.

The military leases that space for $130,000 a month from a businessman named Joel Anderson, rather than from Trump's company itself.

Though it's generally hard to be surprised by Trump-related stories, I'll concede this is an odd one.