Star Wars Rebels Temporada 4- Tráiler #2

Star Wars Rebels Temporada 4- Tráiler #2

Now that I sit in front of the fire,
I have a dialogue with every crack.
The captain of the embers hears my complaints, And the general of souls says no, > You must not escape.

From the sky falls the silence
And the breath of the wind brings the heat,
Here, with the earth and the stones,
We have a dialogue. > No, I do not have to escape.

I was afraid of the night, but today I burn it.
I am a lover of the moon and the black moon. the unfaithful moon
That black moon that disappears
After complicit clouds
Who say and know a lot of all.

Moths come from curious,
Witnesses why I feel front
To this huge rock

Hungry spiders of nocturnal bugs
They ask if I'm roasting what little

It remains of me.

Murciélos loads of boiling blood
Vomitan to one side of me, And end up falling asleep to the heat
Of the embers,
After surviving the hangover.

								Marshall- Tráiler Oficial #2																  02:19
VIDEO Marshall- Tráiler Oficial #2   02:19

I am loaded with images,
And the sahumer io surrounds me

makes me one more of the ones we are here.

Here the stars are huge And they weigh more than the opinion
The last of the condors ,
In full, shattered avenues.

Here the night is eternal. And it lasts longer than the orgasm
Of the colt that came desperate, of my fire,
Of my act.

I have a silent party
And the guests are the wind,
Fire and walking.
Those who came by step:
The spider, the bat,
The foal and the shadows,
Those who face the fire,
The crackle,
They sought rest.

Others, just like me,
They would want to kill them, But when they see that I burn,
My comrades smile,
Seeing I can dance.

I'm not the same as them,
I'm just like you,
I say,
And if I accepted them in my loneliness,
I'll love them forever, In this crackling.

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