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Women arriving at the home where Mary & Joseph spent the previous night

Women arriving at the home where Mary & Joseph spent the previous night

Heath Ledger playing the Joker.

Most actors and actresses, if not everyone, are passionate about villain roles. These characters incite us to play in a superior way, making us remember when children played cops and thieves or Indians and jeans and always; whether we chose to be the policeman or the thief our character was portrayed with a certain degree of hardness, bad temper and the desire to fulfill his work at any cost.

Me it seems that it is almost an instinct to enjoy conflicting characters who oppose conventions, or perhaps because of the neurotic, egocentric, exhibitionist character that every artist (and mainly the actors) has?

p> I think to understand a little better the need we have of these characters would be important to analyze them in the first place. For this I will use parts of the article "The construction of the villain as a cinematographic character" by the author "Zoraida Jiménez Gascón"

to draw their own conclusions about the attraction we feel about villains or anti-hero characters.

"The villain is the evil character who opposes the protagonist. villains are antagonists, although not all antagonists are villains ... The role of the villain always connotes evil " Linda Seger

"The villain is the motor of the story, the character that makes the plot progress and function because without him, the hero would lack a goal (save the world, rescue

In 2003, the American Film Institute (AFI) published a list of the 100 best heroes and villains of American cinema. The winners were chosen by a jury composed of members of the film community, from a list of 400 candidates drawn up by the AFI. The definition of the villain was: "a character whose mental malice, selfishness and willpower are sometimes concealed by beauty and nobility, while others Sometimes they can be unmasked. They can be horribly evil or grandly amusing, but they are ultimately tragic. "

. Among the 50 selected villains we find mythical villains of the celluloid as Aníbal Lecter, Darth Vader, Count Dracula of Bela Lugosi or Cruella De Vil

Some types of villains:

impose chaos. This group includes terrorists. Examples:

Hans Gruber (The Crystal Jungle)

2. Anti-villain, well-meaning or noble: villain who performs bad

means he uses. Examples: Magneto (XMen saga), Travis Bickle Taxi

3.Archi-enemy: the main enemy of the hero whose confrontation perpetuates over time. Examples: Joker (Batman saga), Agent Smith (Matrix saga).

4. Witch: villain who exercises evil through magic. Examples: The Bad Witch of the West, The Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs).

5. Fallen: it started being good but it happened to the dark side although sometimes it returns to the good way. Examples: Darth Vader (Star Wars saga), Michael Corleone (The Godfather I).

6. Punisher or avenger: seeks revenge on humanity in general or someone in particular for something that happened to him. Examples: Max Cady (Cold Fear), Mr. Cold (Batman and Robin).

9. Demon: supernatural being of evil nature.


The Godfather saga, Arthur Cody Jarrett, Clyde Barrow and

Bonnie Parker (Bonnie and Clyde), Tom Powers (Public Enemy), Joker (Batman saga), Tony Camonte (Scarface, Underworld Terror).

13. Megalomaniac: his delusions of greatness lead him to do evil.

Fatal woman: Woman who exercises evil seducing. Also called

vamp o femme fatale. Examples: Phyllis Dietrichson (Perdition),

Alex Forrest (Fatal Attraction) Catwoman (Batman Returns).

Of the villain: construction and characteristics.

The villain as a cinematographic role (and fictional extension)

part of a conception Manichae: in history there are good

and bad, and both sides are clearly identifiable not

It was not going to be less

"The audience must be clear about the villain's motivation, as well - > mo of the protagonist.

In general, the villain should firmly believe in his own actions, whether correct or not in the conventional sense, Particular morality that may be contrary to the conventional moral code or be something completely different "

So knowing a bit more about the constitution of the villain archetype Each one can draw their own conclusions on why these characters are so desired for actors. Perhaps it is because it gives us the opportunity to put on a mask and with this intention to realize our personal catharsis?

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