McMaster dodges question about whether he can work with Bannon

Other enemies are allegedly working to subvert U.S. President Donald Trump

Other enemies are allegedly working to subvert U.S. President Donald Trump

"Is Steve Bannon a white nationalist, a white supremacist?" he asked.

"It could be an America of yesteryear", said Scaramucci, again seemingly unaware of Breitbart News' coverage from Charlottesville.

Earlier in the day portal reported, citing sources close to the president, that US President Donald Trump allegedly suspected that his Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was the one behind the leaks about the latter's White House colleagues.

The former White House staffer's comments come at the same time Trump's daughter Ivanka took to social media to condemn the racist violence that saw one man driver a vehicle into a crowd of people.

Scaramucci offered no details, but added, "I think the president has a very good idea of who the leakers are inside the White House".

"Whether I was the White House communications director or not, I don't think you're going change the president".

Meanwhile, the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump, condemned the move in an obvious effort to confront criticism against his father.

He continued: "He's got to move more into the mainstream, he's got to be more into where the moderates are and the independents are that love the president".

United Nations chief decries stockpile of 15000 nuclear weapons by countries
In February Trump told Reuters that "if countries are going to have nukes, we're going to be at the top of the pack". President Donald Trump, then a candidate for the presidency, was critical of Obama's remarks.

The "alt-right", though once a term used to describe millennial and hipster conservatives, is now reserved for white nationalist groups and websites. If he does that, he'll have a successful legislative agenda that he can execute.

"You also got this some of Bannon-bart influence in there which I think is a snag on the president", he said, coining a portmanteau. "And if he doesn't do that, you're going to see inertia and you're going to see this resistance from more of the establishment senators that he needs to curry favour with".

However, he added that Mr Trump needed to bring in "more loyalists" to carry out his agenda.

"What we focus on is coordinating and integrating efforts across the government and with our multinational partners and allies to present the president with options, options about some very serious national security challenges we face today and, and also options to take advantage of opportunities to secure the American and protect the American people and promote American prosperity".

Scaramucci's appearance on "This Week" was his first major public interview since being fired last month after launching into a profanity-laced rant on a call with New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza.

"You didn't answer. Can you and Steve Bannon work in that same White House?"

He said he believed the call was "off the record" and that it was "a very deceitful thing" for Lizza to record the call. "The president's going to do what he wants to do, how he wants to do it".