To this day, we had planned a visit to a nearby village, famous for its chocolate tradition, but the day has been cloudy and although it has finally rained no more than ten minutes at noon, Visit for another day. And that leads to that we still take longer to get up than the previous day.

The days en route are noticeable, so when we find days like this, where we sleep peacefully, where we do not have to visit certain things, why would not it be inexcusable to do so and where the temperature does not force you to leave breakfast running ... our minds relax and we take things slow. So we have not left the campsite more than to eat, but we have taken advantage of the day, not only with certain "duties" that we have to do for our return to Europe, but also reflecting a little of everything that has been the trip , And it is that to see the end close is easy to start recapitular and look back on this route.

So, in today's entry, in addition to briefly telling how our journey has been, let's to tell you certain "differences" that although we have made a certain allusion, we want to emphasize as something outstanding that has impacted us not to find it normally in our beloved old continent.

For example, we have found that Americans are really respectful, especially driving. Here if you do a STOP as God sends, in fact more than a stop, it seems like a break between friends, pass more seconds than we would do in the test of driving. This respect also applies to / with pedestrians, while walking, zebra crossing, etc ...

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One of its most distinguished neighboursresidents, Chilean, is looking forward to seeing her in person. Such is the enthusiasm that she has bought a fuchsia skirt and a pair of pompoms for her reception.

But as we said, respect immeasures in any field in this country, no one enters a place without greeting, or crosses with you without saying a "how is that." We will have greeted and talked with more people than our minds can count.
And is that these Americans are very big, and what majors does, undoubtedly, is their love for their country. In any corner there is a flag of USA, for anything they have infinite accessories that become essential in their consumerism, and in any town, however small there is an immensity of activities for leisure and free time as leafy parks, memorials , museums, fairs, exhibitions, neighborhood games, and others, which in Spain would be only for select people, while here, the one who does not have a water-jet, yacht, harley or caravan is that he got lost along the way .

These differences in large cities are less apparent, but always more ingrained than in Europe. And of course there are also exceptions, as everywhere there are people of all kinds and more here that on any side you can listen to several languages.

More differences that have surprised us on this route are the amount of fauna and vegetation that we have encountered, it is very common to find squirrels in the parks, bison, eagles, deer ... as well as an unnumberable number of lakes and national parks struggling to maintain current status.

But our visit makes us just put an adjective to this country, FRIENDLY.

ps: Today as an exception, given the nature of recapitulation, I want to thank the work of the photographer of the team, which did not matter the moment or the place, has been able to take the camera, with gloves, helmets and the motorcycle in gear to take the appropriate photo, which we have all been able to enjoy in this blog.