'Celebrity Big Brother': Sarah Harding Calls For Jemma Lucy To Be Removed

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson

The soon to be mother-of-three, who starred on series 13 of Celebrity Big Brother, already made her opinion of Jemma clear, telling the audience: "She should be so non-existent".

"So sad that it's 2017 and we still have women slutshaming other women for what they wear", wrote one viewer on Twitter.

Jemma argues: "You lot f**king play the game then, I won't play it!"

It's after Jemma Lucy takes aim at her for kissing Chad previously despite having a boyfriend.

In tonight's episode, there will also be the appearance of whoever is evicted from the main house- up for the chop is Sam, Helen, Jordan or Jemma one of whom will be evicted live tonight!

But he ends up wincing in pain when she goes a bit too far with her shoulder rub. "Add another one to the list!" You instigated her kissing [Chad], because you thought it would piss me off!'

Chad walks into the bedroom and into the toilet where Sarah is Saturday Sarah tells him; "The only person I feel comfortable around is you, and you don't want to get involved either".

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She admitted that Girls Aloud sometimes wore revealing clothes on stage, "but only because it was so hot".

Big Brother announces that they are taking away the alcohol for the night, and Jordan takes it upon himself to tell Sarah to "calm it down with the drink".

In the diary room Sarah vents her anger towards Jemma, saying: "She needs to go".

Sarah tells him; "The only person I feel comfortable around is you, and you don't want to get involved either". Kissing noises can be heard from the toilet before Sarah says; "Back in the friend zone".

But that doesn't seem stop the pair as they end up in Chad's bed together, snuggling up and kissing.

Chad then asked, "are they slutty?" to which Sarah responded with a laugh, "yeah".

The latest events might come as a surprise to fans after Sarah got cold feet after snogging Chad on Friday night's show.