felipe villa

It is a Latin American television series produced by Moviecity Pack Original and Fox International Channels, made entirely in Fox Telecolombia and is emitted in all Latin America.The series is filmed entirely in Bogota, Colombia.

The direction is in charge of the Colombian Felipe Martinez, and scripts of the Argentinians Andres Gelós and Martin Preusche. The series premiere was on November 12, 2009 by Movie City channel and Thursday, April 22, 2010 by Fox.
This series is focused on the illusion and the magic. The protagonist has magic powers that he does not understand and the only person who can help him to understand them is an alcoholic magician that is in the twilight of his career can clarify and help Luca what really surrounds him. Actually the series is transmited by The Moviecity channel.

The story of Kdabra happens in The Majestic Hotel, in the thematic first hotel-casino dedicated exclusively to the world of magic. A world of chances and dazzles where awesome events that seems supernatural happen continously, until the tricks are revealed.

But all the explanations are over when Luca- a 17 years old teenager has escaped from a religous community-makes his apparition, perfoming tricks that apparantly that do not have any rational explanation.

Environment and Sustainability
Apparently the system saves a lot of cost in manpower and infrastructure and is also simpler of what it seems. The importance of water in our lives is not only related to the fact that their consumption is water.

René-a world famous magician, an artistic responsible of The Majestic Casino-is fascinated in Luca, giving him the opportunity to become in the next international superstar of the hotel. But what René does not know is that there is a mistery behind Luca, in case of being revealed, could cause a revolution that could change the world.

While everybody finds an explanation of the freak which Luca represents, the guy left the communiy security to dedicate his life to René and The Majestic, to world with beautiful women, unscrupulous fraudsters, and the most skillful players, who make Luca become in the most amazing magician we've ever seen in our world.

After knowing the horrible true that Luca is a clone, I decide frooze half whole city with a spectacular trick of magic and enjoys the chaos to ivestigate his origin. His own priority now is to know whose-or from where-to eat the genes that caused his birth. But to get the answer, Luca must overcome a series of tests he has never imagined: From his doubt for Jazmin to question his friendship with René and the group of magicians who saved his life.

But the most hard challenge will be with his most dark side-that would be his worst enemy-when almost miracouslously Guido rejuvenates becoming a double of Luca, willing to ursurp all his powers and erase him from the face of the earth. On the other hand, the ex astronaut Trejo-who is ivestigating the origin of Luca-will reveal to the police Grimberg that he is not alone, because behind him there is a great secret scientific organization that thinks that the origin of Luca is extraterestrial . While Luca of fighting against Guido for his life, The Order is going to face Trejo and the scientific group in a chiling escalation of violence, obligating Luca to intervene in an action that could lead to a slaughter. Despite the high price that means, Luca will decide to face everybody and everything, what is at stake is nothing other than the final answer about the genetic manipulatio-divine or extraterrestrial-that led to his life.