Fleas carrying plague found in Arizona

This includes avoiding sick or dead animals not letting pets roam and avoiding rodent burrows

This includes avoiding sick or dead animals not letting pets roam and avoiding rodent burrows

Residents were advised to reduce the risk of exposure by trying to avoid fleas, rabbits, rodents, and predators.

The Navajo County announcement comes after nearby Coconino County made a similar revelation last week.

Health officials are now warning Americans to "take precautions" after insects in Arizona tested positively for the bubonic plague. Although northern Arizona had an extremely wet winter in terms of both rain and snowfall, summer temperatures have been mostly above average.

Humans and animals can get infected with the plague through the bite of an infected flea.

Navajo County advises people to watch for sudden die-offs of groups of prairie dogs or rodents, which might be an indicator of the plague. Once in a human host, it can cause bubonic plague, what you learned about in high school with the swelling of the lymph nodes, but also septicemic plague and pneumonic plague.

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Two women, ages 52 and 62, were diagnosed with the disease late June in Santa Fe County. The New Mexico Department of Health said at the time all cases had required hospitalizations, and that there have been no deaths from the plague this year. It's been a health problem in the Southeast ever since, with roughly seven cases of the plague turning up in humans yearly. Antibiotics can treat the illness, but without prompt treatment it can cause serious illness or death. A median number of cases from 2001 to 2012 in the US was three annually - though the total spiked as high as 17 in those years, according to a CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report issued in 2015.

After the Black Death arrived in 1347, plague became a common phenomenon in Europe, with outbreaks recurring regularly until the 18th century.

Symptoms include chills, fever, weakness, headache, muscle pain and swollen glands in the limbs, armpits or groins.

CNBC attempted to reach the Navajo County Health Department for additional information, but a call was left unanswered on Sunday.