La Mofle shouted Fraud! and censored it in Gama TV - 4pelagatos



Government-run media, whether called public or seized, have become an immense electoral machinery to the unconditional service of the candidacy of Lenin and Jorge Glas. It is enough to see the material published daily El Telégrafo or the channel seized TC Television to understand that they are tools of proselytism in favor of the candidates of the Government, paid with public money.

In this context the recent censorship takes place which suffered the comedian Flor Maria Palomeque, whose participation in a program of political humor in Gama TV did not aired because her mood did not make the channel managers laugh. It only makes them laugh what disrupts to Guillermo Lasso.

Palomeque that makes the personage of La Mofle, one of the most popular characters in social networks, was invited to participate in the program The Amigazos of the actors Francisco Pinoargotti and David Reinoso. However, on Sunday, March 19, when the program was due to go out, it did not come out. The reason? A higher order.

Confirmed TODAY @Gama_Ec, in order of above preferred not to put it out. Days ago, they denied entry to @liliantintori #LeyMordaza

- MOFLETV (@MOFLETV) March 20, 2017

What happened is revealing because it shows that those who forbade the program to air, assume that alluding to fraud is detrimental to the interests of the Government. It is such a susceptibility to the word "fraud" that, hearing it in a government channel, is a program.

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What has happened to Palomeque with the Amigazos is another episode of the outrages that the Actress has suffered over the years due to her independent and often critical attitude towards the government. During the last three years, she, known for her program "The Happy Couple" or "Vivos", has not been able to work on television. The channels seized have not wanted to hire and, in addition, those who are not controlled directly by the Government, such as Teleamazonas, have preferred to do without their services because it causes them problems with Supercom. In fact, that court inquisitorial fined with 115 thousand dollars to Teleamazonas because it considered that "the happy pair" had violated article 62 of the Law of Communication that prohibits the diffusion of discriminatory contents, in this case of the woman. After that and another fine, La Mofle no longer appeared on that channel.

Palomeque, unlike the vast majority of television artists, always kept distances with power and that led him to a personal confrontation with Rafael Correa. It happened in December 2016 when his character, La Mofle, put together a video in which he humorously criticized the Law of Goodwill: it became an entire network event. Correa refuted it in his Twitter account, saying that his vision did not fit the truth and the newspaper El Telégrafo gave a note to affirm that that personage of political satire was wrong. "#Fail: 'La Mofle' 'explains' the Law of Goodwill with a terrible example," the newspaper said.

The problem with Flor María Palomeque is that she is an artist who makes political humor. And a humorist who does political satire is, anywhere in the world, a critique of power. "I have been doing political satire for 19 years and I give whatever it is," she says, after her frustrated intervention in Amigazos, she received a threat of kidnapping her children through social networks, as seen in her post posted on Facebook . Imagining a political comedian who does not mock and upset those in power seems to be the only thing that fits in the mind of Correa and his inquisitorial agencies.

Gamma TV, with its decision, reaffirms an obvious fact: those who administer the means in the hands of power do not have the slightest modesty to put them to the service of the Moreno-Glas binomial bid and do so with public money. In other words it is embezzled. A crime that does not prescribe.