Premier League set to move summer transfer deadline up

Juventus defender Alex Sandro

Juventus defender Alex Sandro

However, this doesn't seem to be sufficient anymore for clubs and reports on Monday evening suggest that there are plans in place to adjust the transfer window for the Premier League to close once the season starts.

This summer's window has seen a number of protracted transfer sagas which have disrupted teams' start to the season, including those involving Southampton's Virgil van Dijk and Swansea's Gylfi Sigurdsson.

So, assuming the transfer window in England closed by the start of this season, Arsene Wenger and his North London Club would be able to relax a little and not be overly concerned that Alexis Sanchez is on his way to Manchester City but may still be anxious that PSG and Barca are hot on his trails.

For instance, if the new deadline was in place now, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger would know that Manchester City's hopes of signing Alexis Sanchez would be over until January.

It is understood talks will take place between every club next month about whether to change the deadline of the current window, which closes almost three weeks after the first game of the season.

Liverpool boss Klopp said, "An earlier transfer deadline day would have helped us this year".

"In general, it makes sense that when the season starts that the planning is over". The majority of clubs are in favour but maybe all have to be for it to go through.

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"I don't really understand why it goes to the end of August".

Several top players are in dispute with their present clubs.

How can clubs strike deals for players when many of them will have joined up with their national teams from as early as August 28?

- This plan may leave EPL players exposed to moving overseas.

The Times report that the vast majority of Premier League clubs are willing to see to the change.

The January transfer window would not be affected by the proposed changes.

But unless the rest follow suit, the Premier League could be leaving itself exposed to losing its best players to wealthy foreign clubs free to spend until the final hours of their own deadline.