Learning with Montessori

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I have not seen TV for years. My idea about it and what they tell us ended up ditching "that relationship".

I try to know what happens in the world in which I live, I also try to understand or rather make sure that what I read or see is real. Contrasting information.

When I write in the blog I always do it from my perspective, my learning, my experiences, I do not speak of absolute truths, I speak of my feelings and my reflections. And I always invite those who read me to get more information about that, in books, courses, etc.

Today I could not avoid reading and listening to comments in which my heart has broken in two. For all the events that are happening.

France, Turkey, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Burundi, Iraq, Germany, Spain ... and I wish I could stop saying names of countries where terror has come to life Innocent

Yesterday I launched a question, a question we can all ask ourselves "what happened when you were a child so that you believe with the right to take lives? What did you live? What did they teach you?" And this question does not go exclusively to the one who directly performs the action but also to those of "up", those in charge of keeping the population "safe." Be it here or be there.

We talk about PEACE and we forget that HATE does not enter into PEACE. We forget that we are many innocents in the world, we live in Spain, Syria or France. Let us be atheists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. Rich or poor. Grandparents, aunts / uncles, mothers / fathers or girls.

We want to live, because we were born for that. We were given the opportunity to experience this journey with the consequent right to remain in the world until our conducting body is extinguished.

"Today, there are forces that shake the world and urge the understanding of human unity. The stage where only certain nations or racial groups could be civilized, while the rest remain barbarous or servile. persists with these ideas already obsolete there will be nothing more than wars and destruction.

And how can you achieve a general change of mentality, if not thanks to the work of an "adult" that does not behave as a tyrant or a missionary? The -adult- modern must be a passionate student of the biology and psychology of growing man and child ... It is essential that civilization produce beautiful children. "

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" Life is a real battlefield (...) Society prioritizes the ascending stage (...) society only cares about the privileged classes. Now the poor have never been properly considered There is always another class to which everyone, even the rich ignore: CHILDREN! All social problems are addressed from the perspective of adults and their needs. THE CHILD'S EMERGENCIES ARE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. In him there are forces that can remain truncated or developed to extremes that were previously impossible to achieve ... It is not enough to secure a roof.... THE SATISFACTION OF THEIR SPIRITUAL NEEDS DEPENDS THE PROGRESS OF HUMANITY, THE CREATION OF A HUMANITY THAT IS REALLY STRONG AND BETTER "

If you have read these two texts of Maria Montessori carefully, the book" The education of human potentialities "would seem to have written them today ... but it is not

With our pain we look for guilty and time goes by

With our pain we look for guilty and time goes by Hatred we generate wars and time passes

And as time goes by the children grow up ... and I wonder

What will your future be? What world are we leaving?

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Let's leave our ego parked, let's begin to understand that our commitment is to save the future of each of our children and This can only be done thanks to our unique and powerful "weapon" EDUCATION. Our words, our empathy, our courtesy, our love, our tolerance, our respect for others is part of their education. We are in charge of guiding their way until they can do it alone ... and it will be then when alone ... they can move mountains ... do what we believe impossible possible. María Montessori said "CHILDREN ARE THE HOPE OF HUMANITY" and it is there, in childhood, where all our efforts must be dedicated. And it is now when we must acquire a huge social commitment. A huge commitment to our children, with our little ones. Through respect for others, with peaceful actions where our little ones learn to manage from love and peace.

And it's now ... because tomorrow will be too late ...