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"Shaco is made invisible, and he has a skill kit made to make plays that confuse the enemy and gain a few kills,

Shaco is teleported close to and becomes invisible for 3.5 seconds The next basic attack for the next 6 seconds, it will be a Critical Strike that will inflict a 140/160/180/200/220% Damage

> (normal critical hits inflict 200% damage).

It is a jump, invisibility for 6 seconds and a critical critic, every 11 seconds. You can use it to jump almost any wall and in a chase is your best ally.

When you are persecuted, choose to jump a wall or use it in the same place, especially if you are in a shrub. The goal is for the enemy to think that you have jumped the wall. It's a risky thing, but you'll enjoy seeing the opposing champion spend to follow you. This is a slight variation from the previous Tip. It is what he calls "doing a ninja" (Coolife) and is usually done with. It consists of addressing an address and using it in the opposite direction, so that the enemy thinks that you have used it forward, when in fact you have jumped back, you have passed his side and hid in some bush. h1> Surprise Box

"Shaco creates an animated and invisible surprise box, which frightens and then attacks nearby units.

One of the most versatile and most usable skills. With you can control the terrain, defend allies, avoid hooks and even block skills. It's the skill that helps you clear the jungle with incredible speed and without getting hurt.

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In the section of routes I tell you how to use your to easily clean the jungle. In general, when you clean a camp you put the box behind the monster, so when you turn to it, you hit it avoiding its damage and maximizing yours by the passive. Put them in places where you are sure they will pass enemies, for example: But avoid places where people may pass that can activate them by mistake, for example: in the river, the crab can activate the boxes you put, or in the lines, where the waves of subjects will inevitably activate them. To prevent this, they are placed near (or on) the walls. Before the box becomes invisible, it can be destroyed. So you can block some skills if you coordinate the times well. You could block, for example :, among others. Following this logic, you can stune with your if it hits the box. Double Phylum Poison

"Daggers of Shaco poison The poison also reduces the attack speed of subjects and monsters.You can throw your daggers to inflict damage to your targets and poison them.

Passive: While Double-Tailed Poison is ready to launch, Shaco's basic attacks apply Double-Edge Poison for 2 seconds, reducing movement speed by 10/15/20/25/30% , and also reduces the attack speed by 20 / 22.5 / 25 / 27.5 / 30% if the target is a subject or a monster.

It has 2 effects to take into account: First the passive, it applies poison to your basic attacks that slow down your target (useful in ganks) and reduce your attack speed, in case of being a subject or monster the affected (useful for cleaning the jungle). Then the active, which is a projectile (not skillshot) that inflicts damage to the target and slows it down.

There are not too many mechanics to use this ability: most of the time you use it to secure a kill, or when you persecute someone, or to prevent the enemy from reaching you. Shaco creates an illusion of self in the vicinity that can attack nearby enemies (it causes half damage to the turrets.) When dying explodes , inflicting damage.

Shaco disappears briefly and reappears with a clone that lasts for up to 18 seconds.The clone inflicts 75% of Shaco's damage and receives 50% more damage .When dying, the clone explodes, inflicting 300/450/600 (+ 100% Power of Ability) points of magical damage to nearby enemies. "

of the most brilliant skills, in my opinion, in the game. Shaco practically disappears from the physical plane of the invoker's crack to create a copy. The use you give to this depends on what you want to do, hence all the utility that can be derived from this. Much better than the sombritas de.

There is a very common mistake among those who use Shaco. Maybe not as a mistake, but it does show a lack of practice. Is that many use the and control the clone to run directly towards the enemy, kamikaze style. Then the enemy team immediately knows it's the fake, they just kill it and you wasted your skill. You must always have a purpose for your copy: Engage, disengage, splitpush, frighten or confuse the enemy, whatever, less spend it as if it were anything.

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