Pink Himalayan Salt - Benefits - Where to Buy

Pink Himalayan Salt - Benefits - Where to Buy

Pink Himalayan Salt - Benefits - Where to Buy

Have you tried the Himalayan pink salt?

Did you know that cooking salt (also known as refined sea salt) is a poison that can cause high blood pressure And consequently other evils?

Many people say that salt does bad and, in the end, they are right in making such a statement.

Let me explain why! / P>

It is a fact that the salt brings a different taste and delicious to the food of the day to day, after all not only sweet things live the right humanity? There are people who put their toll on everything that is random food, from homemade recipes like pasta, breads, cakes, more traditional recipes like rice, beans , Fried egg, fried egg, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, cassava (also known as cassava), and there are even those who put their pinches on fruits like orange for example (it's a delight!)

It's like that infamous saying goes: "Everybody crazy with their craziness."

But what to do when you discover that the popular cooking salt is nothing more than pure sodium chloride? P> Did you know that sodium chloride alone is not synonymous with salt?

Well, you probably came (or came) being deceived a long time ago and did not even know it, but it's not your fault ...

... We've all been induced to make mistakes since childhood, either by the media or by people around us who think they know everything because they've heard (But in the end know absolutely nothing) or even by medical professionals who have not updated their knowledge with the latest scientific research ...

The statistics say that when entering the third year of college in the Brazilian Universities medical professionals are already with 50% of their knowledge obsolete (outdated) ...

... The good news is that gradually, Even with the Brazilian Universities being outdated the medical professionals themselves are already taking the initiative to seek information and update on their own ...

Without further ado, let's get right to what really matters! >

Why refined sea salt is a poison

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As previously stated, salt is nothing less than refined sea salt, Two substances, sodium and chlorine, and both substances, in isolation, are harmful to the human body.

But why (and how) does this happen?

This is due to How the cooking salt is produced ...

The process of manufacturing refined sea salt cleans e Bring the brine from these 3 steps:

1. Evaporation and concentration of the brine

2. Decantation and centrifugation of NaCl crystals


After all this process of refinement remains only "clean and pure" sodium chloride (besides of the poisons of refinement).

In fact what causes diseases like hypertension is refined salt (read sodium chloride) and not the integral.

The integral salt has up to 84 minerals beneficial to the human body and the most nutritious salt