Taylor Swift's New Album 'Reputation' Coming Nov. 10

Right Said Fred claim the I'm Too Sexy comparison

Right Said Fred claim the I'm Too Sexy comparison

Taylor Swift, one of the top-selling pop stars of recent years, on Wednesday announced a new album, "Reputation", to be released on November 10.

And for the fans who can't wait that long, she's releasing a new single tomorrow night at midnight.

Keep reading for 5 lessons Taylor Swift taught us about confidence. Whenever she has something new going on, it gets a lot of attention, both of the positive and negative variety. Many are saying that the tail may have something to do with all the emoji comments on Taylor's social streams past year.

She denied she had ever heard it but a video by West's wife, Kim Kardashian, showed a phone call between the rapper and Swift which appeared to show her giving her blessing.

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It comes after videos of a writhing snake had also been posted on her accounts - believed to be a reference to a row she had with Kanye West a year ago. While some fans are guessing of a new single, other fans are guessing of Taylor's tracking down an entry on the music rights site HFA, with a new track under the singer's name tilted "Timeless".

There's also Taylor's snake teases, which some read as a reclaiming a symbol that has been used against her. Fans are now waiting for Taylor's statement regarding the matter. Several hours after the video was uploaded, the United States magazine claimed to have inside knowledge about the upcoming single of the singer.

She is also rumored to be participating somehow in this Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, either with a music video debut or a live performance. Swift's releasing herself of that bad-blood negativity by reclaiming her reputation (in the wake of, *cough*, that whole Kanye-Kim thing, *cough*) with an aptly named new album.