.: Shouted Verses

Friday, May 18, 2012. Issue 174

If I understood correctly (and it is not easy, given the indecipherability of the arguments in the supplement Cultures of DIAGONAL) > Dad, tell me again is part of the fossilized fabric of a culture of the oppressive and demodic Transition in which Marta Sánchez is also strutting for the VI Fleet, Mecano, the gipsy pop of lies in Los Manolos and, Of course, the progression of the SGAE. As a co-author with my brother Ismael of the song referred to, I protest firmly.

We are accused of exercising "nostalgia for those wonderful years" when, in reality, we intended (with all education) to spit in the face Of our elders, those who betrayed their dreams and occupied the armchairs of power leaving revolutionary yearnings in the showcase of childhood trophies. We are accused of "trying to update the image of the progressive singer" and again we have to ask what is the cause of so much outrage (left and right) towards the singer-songwriter. Because although some were lined and produced films by Isabel Pantoja, others (see the penultimate and meritorious resurrection of Luis Pastor -What was the singer-songwriter? He asks himself-) keep their guitar on their shoulders, making music and poetry for whoever they want Attend to his call. We are accused (and this is the most serious!) Of having created a "failed hymn" and that yes no, hymn and requetehimno is Dad, tell me again or rather contrahimno, even if we confess That we would have liked to bequeath to humanity L'estaca , Grandola vila morena or Canto a la libertad . Of course, those three beautiful songs may seem to those responsible for Cultures the same garbage to be crushed for the sake of the birth of a new discourse that will annihilate the myths of the Holy Transition.

But one thing is one thing and another is another. Neither my brother nor I have anything of an establishment (or less, without even a fixed job -sniff-). My brother and I still dream of some revolution that is worthwhile (social democratic), and for the most part, I am religiously acquiring Diagonal in order to strengthen my leftist musculature.

Its main activities are the marketing and storage of basic grains, export, flour manufacturing, feed and livestock fattening. Bartlett Grain Company - Grains Division and related products Bartlett Grain Company operates mainly in the US and Mexico.

Of course, since you Have criticized us, allow me to exceed mere rejoinder and criticize myself as well. To demolish Transitional culture and to build a new leftist discourse, it is necessary, as Grandfather Lenin advised, to undertake "the concrete analysis of concrete reality" and not to get lost in what the old Stalinists called "ideological diversionism." That is, to prioritize the really important debates, to reflect on how to really influence politics, to vertebrate a movement that is willing to influence collective decision-making, and not to put bicycles, urban gardens and discussions ahead of them Gender grammar.

I refer to excesses as, for example, describing the bike as a "new political subject." Not to mention the sterile fascination of a certain left (and that is very present in Diagonal) by the radicalism abertzale or the various nationalisms that throughout the Spanish state make their flags flutter. A pinch of criticism of those tendencies would not be too much and would be enriching.

Reading DIAGONAL sometimes gives me the impression of being before a self-absorbed left whose language is less and less intelligible. A left that renounces to change reality and welcomes the consolation of planting cucumbers on the balcony and design weekend phalansteries where no one bothers.

But every month I reinced and in exchange for two euros I go home With this alternative newspaper under his arm.

And as for Dad, tell me again, I do not agree, what do you want me to tell you.