Bill Nye: Disney Owes Me $9M

Bill Nye saves the World Netflix

Bill Nye saves the World Netflix

ABC, Touchstone and Buena Vista Television are also named in the suit, likely because they aired the popular PBS series starring Nye during when first aired between 1993 and 1999, and since then with re-runs.

In the complaint filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Nye claims that Disney's Buena Vista Television engaged in questionable Hollywood accounting over the series "Bill Nye, the Science Guy", and has failed to cooperate with Nye's numerous attempts to audit the earnings of the show. But according to a lawsuit filed this week, Nye is going to attempt to school Disney just like he schooled you in the wonderful rules that govern this fantastic universe of ours. Under the agreement, the owners of the show would receive half of the show's net profits, with one-sixth of the total going to Nye. "Nevertheless", the suit continues, "[Buena Vista] and [Disney] steadfastly refused to negotiate, instead taunting Mr. Nye to audit [Buena Vista's] accounting, knowing that [Buena Vista] and [Disney] would make such an audit unduly burdensome, costly, and time consuming".

Bill Nye, host of the hit Emmy-winning educational series Bill Nye the Science Guy, is suing The Walt Disney Corporation and its affiliates for $9.3 million dollars. But Disney allegedly told Nye that the company was backlogged with audit requests and he would need to wait several years before the request could be accommodated.

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The auditor, according to the complaint, found that BVT applied incorrect rates for distribution fees, mischaracterized revenues, didn't report royalties and improperly deducted foreign taxes.

In 2013, Nye would go on to hire an outside auditor to look into the matter. The host is suing for fraudulent concealment, fraudulent inducement, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary duty, among other claims, and is looking to earn back the money he is owed along with punitive damages.