Ryan Says Gov't Shutdown Over Border Wall Isn't Necessary

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin meets with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington in this Thursday

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin meets with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington in this Thursday

Asked specifically about a clean hike, Ryan said there are "a bunch of different options in front of us".

Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan says shutting down the government over funding for the border wall is "not necessary" and urged the president not to veto a debt ceiling bill to avoid a government shut down.

Ryan said GOP leaders "were looking at" that option but decided against it.

"I'm upset about this administration, I'm upset about healthcare reform or their supposed reform that actually doesn't really amount to much for most of us", protester Katrina Dimick said.

The House speaker insisted that Republicans have enough time to pass a tax reform package in 2017.

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Ryan said Thursday that Congress will blow past the September 30 deadline for approving new funding for 2018, saying the government will need to operate off stop-gap spending for several months. He said Congress will likely need a short-term stopgap bill since it needs more time to complete the appropriations this fall.

He brushed aside questions about dissonance with President Trump, who earlier in the day had chided Mr. Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for not getting a debt increase done as part of a veterans' benefits bill last month. "That is what people tell us they want to see, that's what we ran on and that's what we're going to deliver on", Ryan said. "I think it's important we stay unified but I think the President is employing a strategy he thinks is effective for him".

President Trump's threat of a government shutdown sent GOP congressional leaders into damage control mode and stocks tumbling on Wednesday. "But believe me, if we have to close down our government, we're building that wall". Trump said he wanted to tie the debt ceiling to a bill related to the Department of Veterans Affairs that easily passed.

While this type of inflammatory political flirtation might find favor with the tea party radical right, the core of Trump's support, not raising the debt ceiling and not passing spending bills would wreak havoc with the economy and send the country into an internal and external spiral.