Detroit Lions: Why the case to fire Jim Caldwell is growing

Aaron Rodgers Won't Be Going Into the Broadcast Booth After He Retires

Aaron Rodgers Won't Be Going Into the Broadcast Booth After He Retires

Now, he's got him for the foreseeable future.

Stafford is expected to get a record $92 million guaranteed, including a $50 million signing bonus, according to a source that told ESPN's Adam Schefter. He holds every significant Lions passing record. His Lions are regularly average. You can call him Even Stafford, and he's a fitting focal point for a team that, over his career, has climbed out of the dumpster and into occasional contention but has never been a real threat.

The Lions gave the standout quarterback a five-year extension worth $135 million, keeping him under contract through 2022.

The Lions will counter with the argument of quality quarterbacks are hard to find and with the market value of top-tier quarterbacks escalating rapidly, they probably consider the deal with Stafford a bargain.

Stafford also holds basically all of the major team passing records with the exception of wins by a starting quarterback, with his lack of winning being something that he has always been criticized for.

The Lions did what any other team (outside of Washington, apparently) would have done.

Bob Quinn will tell you quarterback Matthew Stafford was a big part of the reason he accepted the Detroit Lions general manager job a year ago.

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When thinking about Stafford, maybe you remember the interceptions, or maybe you remember the final heroics.

Lions' quarterback Matthew Stafford just clawed past Derek Carr to become the highest paid player in the league.

What is Stafford going to buy with his latest contract? Only one team has EVER won a Super Bowl while paying its quarterback more than 14% of its cap space.

This is a deal that makes Stafford the richest man in the National Football League while also being very cap friendly to the Lions organization.

In a worst-case scenario, Detroit is doing a high-level version of Bortles-ing-settling for the best available option because finding a better quarterback is hard. As long as Stafford stays healthy and puts up consistent numbers, he could wind up in the NFL Hall of Fame one day.

Keeping Stafford and working on the rest of the roster seems like a better plan than adding another huge hole and at least 2-3 years of waiting for a draft pick to develop. There are hardly any examples of good-but-not great quarterbacks carrying average teams to postseason relevancy, but that's what Detroit is hoping for with this deal.